State Farm - Mid Century Auto Insurance (farmers Insurance Group)
State Farm And Mid Century Auto Insurance farmers Insurance Group ripoff 2 years and 7 months drunk 17 yr old they have paid nothing titanium cage at c5 i have been sued Springfield

On septeber 24 2000, I was a passenger in a jeep struck by a civic driven by a seventeen year old drunk. He left his lane, crossed an entire turn lane and entered our lane. We were struck almost head on. The direct impact was his left front tire to our left rear tire, ripping the axle out from under the jeep. We went round and round, up in two wheels twice and ended up in the ditch. Upon exiting the jeep I found him hiding his beer in the ditch. He blew .123 and plead guilty in court.

The car was owned by his girlfreinds father and was also insured by same. She was also in the crash, and recieved alchohol related tickets as well. I was severly injured in this crash, I have several damaged discs as a result and I now have a sulzer medica BAK/C cage at c5.

I was misdiagnosed in the beginning with PTSD, and after alost a year I had surgery. 61000 dollars in medical bills were accrued by me and I lost my union I am still hurt. My wife and I were sued by health care providers, and a judgement was granted towards her pay. I had a mylogram and it was flubbed...they put the dye in the wrong place causing me much pain that still exists addition to the pain from the crash. I was denied physical therepy that my surgeon prescribed and was substituted with another no insurance would pay for what the surgeon prescribed.

I am currently on mt third lawyer trying to get this resolved.

I have contacted a long list trying to get answers, but they all point their fingers at another. This list includes, the dept of insurance, the attorney general, my local state reps, the governor, state senators, the news channel, local papers, national news like fox and msnbc....the list goes on and on.

It is clear that I was not hurt before this crash, it is clear that the kid was at fault, it is clear that I have sustained life altering injuries, it is clear I am owed a policy payout, it is clear that they have no reason to deny or delay this claim any further.

There is obviously moreto this story but this is just an overview. This I try as I have tried so many other hopes that someone will finally hear my call.

Can anyone make them do what they contracted to do?
It is the law here to have insurance...what is the law to ake the pay? Is that not what lawyers are for? I had a judge tell e to tell my lawyer to do his job....hence lawyer number three.

I have nowhere to turn....none has been able to help me or y family of five. All our lives have been destroyed and my body has been destroyed.....can you help?

Offender: State Farm - Mid Century Auto Insurance (farmers Insurance Group)
Country: USA   State: All USA

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