Sonic Blue, Replay TV, D M Holdings
Ripoff dishonest fraudulent biling defective products two faced

Please note that your company is selling defective products. I recently purchased a Replay TV unit from Circuit City and found that it worked for about 1 week. I had purchased the lifetime activation from sonic blue. I had to wait over a month to get another one. It worked for about a week and a half.

I finally got through to one of your reps at customer service and he told me to ship it to him so you could fix it. I had told him that I was not paying the shipping in order to get your unit fixed. I then was injured at work and hospitalized, when I was finally able to move around again I called Sonic Blue back and proceeded to tell the rep what had happened.

She in return offered my money back to me for the lifetime activation fee, if I would return the unit to Circuit City and fax her proof of me buying the lifetime service activation and also proof of the return. I did exactly that and have not gotten my refund only the run around and people telling me about a company policy that is not in any contract that I had signed with you ( Sonic Blue ).

All I am asking for is the return of the activation fee, which I am entitled to. Please see attached the agreement that I signed with your company for service activation and if I am wrong please show me where the 30 day warranty of said product is listed. If I am wrong either way the customer service rep had told me personally to return the unit and give her proof so she could give me a refund. Now Charles Oliver is not honoring her claim and the same can be said for Henry Thomas and Crystal Jones.

In fact, Crystal had the audacity to tell me that if I still had the unit she could refund me $250- 3 months of the lifetime service activation. Customer Service needs to have better guidelines if Sonic Blue wants return customers. Because, I will never buy another sonic blue unit from you nor will I say anything good about your products when asked and also I will make it a point to make it a conversation piece anytime I am with clients, associates, or friends; everyone will know where I stand with Sonic Blue.

Offender: Sonic Blue, Replay TV, D M Holdings
Country: USA   State: California   City: Santa Clara
Address: 2841 Mission College Blvd.
Phone: 8004685846

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