Websmart Interactive/Vertex One
Websmart Interactive / Vertex One ripoff, didn't pay me for approximately 140 hours worth of work and about 25 hours of vacation Grand Forks / Minot

April 23rd at about noon our computers came up PROJECT NOT ACTIVE. Nothing new for a telemarketing outfit. The difference, we were told to go home until friday when we would have more leads to call. Yea right! So, Thursday comes and some of us find out that Websmart UNinteractive has ceased all operations. Including handing out pay checks. So, for some 620 employees we were left to wonder will we get paid. And, if we do, how much. I'm not saying I didn't have doubts about the company finances anyway, one day we were jokingly told by Diana Cygirt(center manager) that we may have to bring our own toilet paper in. But, to not pay hundreds of employees just beats 'em all.

I mean that's up there with Clinton doing an intern. How disrespectful can you be? To think that we worked our butts off selling a scam to poor people is bad enough, but, to not even get paid for it. Now it's just that much worse. So, buzz and John (owners) if you're reading this I just want you to know that thanks to you I wasn't even able to get my son a birthday cake on his fifth birthday, April 25, oops no paychecks. So, needless to say I hope the two of you rot in a cell somewhere. But, of course you won't. Lawyers suck. They know how to screw over decent hard-working people and not get into hot water with the cops.

P.S. I couldn't find a business license for Vertex One in Charleston, SC. What's up with that you guys? Did you not cover all of your tracks?

Offender: Websmart Interactive/Vertex One
Country: USA   State: North Dakota   City: Grand Forks/Minot
Address: 4324 University Ave.
Phone: 7017950333

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