Carroll Wright
sorcery psy is Hitler youth-stealing our children!!

A CANDID LETTER TO "DOCTOR" CARROLL WRIGHT: he{?} changed his website and his e-mail address. "doctor" Carroll Wright, licensed clinical sorcerer shrink. sorcery shrinks are nazi Germany, Hitler youth!! Childnapping. Stealing our children. "dr" Carroll Wright plotting to prevent Christian parents from witnessing to their children!! This was done to me by the shrink and the court system and my ex-wife Linda Jean Salyers Drake
Dear "doctor" Carroll Wright: You may remember me. I surely will always remember you. An overview is worthy here. My ex-wife, Linda Jean Salyers Drake, tried with all of her devil possessed mind to destroy me. One of the evils she did was to attempt to turn my own children vs. me. Another abomination she did was to attempt to remove visitation with the children. In failing to do this, she moved the times that I could see them rather than placing the children on an oriented schedule that they would know that they were to see their father every week on such and such a day. In May, 1989, she did not bring the children to see me even though it was a court ordered visitation weekly time set up. I had to take her to Juvenile and Domestic relations court. The Court ordered her to bring the children to see me at Randy and Ronda Weber’s office in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Linda, in violation of the court order, did not bring my children to see me. My lawyer had to threaten Linda with contempt of court. Since Linda listened to no one regarding health, exercise, taking natural vitamins and herbs, refraining from coffee and soft drinks and natural foods, I knew what part of the problem was as she complains all the time of being "tired". So I offered to meet her half way, even though I was not obligated to do so, especially in light of the fact that I should have had overnight visitation but wasn’t granted it. Ronda Weber said she knew a "baptist" who was half way between Harrisonburg and Stanley. That is how you came in. I had one hour of visitation with the children from Novemeber, 1989 until YOU cut my visitation off in October, 1990. You didn’t even petition the court for more than one hour, much less custody. I think the court would have given me at least 8 hours visitation like they had previous to Linda cutting me off in May, 1989. But you never petitioned the court for custody for me, nor recommended my ex-wife repent nor even recommend that I get overnight visitation at least once per week.
For only evil motivations, you cut off visitation with my children. You wrote up some letter, presumably for the Court and Dale Houff, guardian ad litem [ for which you NEVER speak out that there should be no such job for extremely obvious reasons Incidentally, no one has the right to be a parent except for the parents. Read your King James Bible.] that Andrea shows no response to my affection toward her. If true, you know whose sin that is ! Why doesn’t your august "psychology and psycho-therapy" supposedly have all the answers!! Where was your answer then?? YOU, SORCERER LIAR BORE FALSE WITNESS!!! You knew full well that Linda and socialist wreckers were bad mouthing me to my babies!! You know what these devils do! You know that most female social wreckers hate paternal authority and hate men in general. YOU KNOW THAT GOOD AND WELL!! You also failed to point out to the Guardian ad litem [illegal and evil: parents only are in the best interests of the children, but that's another story] that Jared loves his Daddy, hugged me and responded to "my affection" toward him. Your evaluation is also evil from the stand point of not pointing to the "guardian ad litem" that it is extremely abnormal and rare for a daughter not to love her biological father. You never pointed this out nor did you "counsel" Andrea nor make any effort to make her love her Daddy. Nor did you point out to the guardian ad litem that Jared loves his Daddy. I know because afterwards I attempted to get custody of my children. Dale Houff, the guardian ad litem, claimed that my kids didn’t love me and especially Andrea. That’s a lie!!!! Jared loves me. You saw him run to me and hug me every time. You didn’t tell the "guardian ad litem!!! What’s your problem? You’re in to deep new age abominable sorcery and you hate born again Christians: that’s your problem…. Just get Andrea to repent. What’s the problem? Your "psychoheresy doesn’t allow for repentance! Therefore, it is the sorcerer shrink abominables who live for the devil {or are devils: John 8:44} whom are not normal, not I. I’m the epitome of health. I’m born again. I’m in God’s Will. I’m a street preacher. Are YOU a street preacher leading souls to the Lord and fighting sodomy? Or are you in to "holistic meditation" or whatever is at the top of your business letterheads.
To the point: you destroyed I and my children. You are anti-family, which makes you the equivalent of the Nazis who forcefully took children away from their parents. We have all seen the horrible film of the jack boot separating the child from his mother; the child walking to his mother and the gestapo agent restraining him; then the mother attempting to grab her child and the jack boot knocking her down and leading the shreiking child away. What you did was just as criminal and unGod fearing as what a screaming threatening to contaminate the blood supply if you do not find a cure for my abomination sodomite does. You did not respect the wishes of I nor did you act in GOD’s Will. God’s Will is for the family to be together. Even though you knew my ex-wife was full of hate and venom, you did NOTHING to try to make her see that it was in the interest of the children to love BOTH parents. Your actions will make my children scorn the mother as well.
You further are out of God’s Will because you never contacted me as to when the visitations would resume, as promised. You neveer responded to my letters and you never answered where my son Jared is. You only emailed back with no details and no apologies and no answered questions.
In addition to that, you tell sodomites how good they are. You do not tell them on your website that they MUST repent, to turn or burn!! The abominable shall have their part in the Lake which burneth with fire and brimstone, which is the second death – Revelation 21:8. You never tell sodomites the truth because you want them to come back and "feel good" with mushy, scratch your back, make them comfortable even though they are committing abominations. In other words, you are attempting to undo all my good work which THE JESUS CHRIST told me to do. On Main Street, I warned the wicked and, needless to say, a few sodomites passed by and heard the Gospel. Now the sodomites do not hear the Gospel when they come to you. It is by their fruits ye shall know them- Matthew 7:16-20 – that you offered to give Linda no "counseling" in being a great, submissive wife or any wholesome "counseling" of any type to any one. You pointed out in your report to the court [or Dale Houff that "they do not speak". Whose sin is that? You know the answer. The kids, my family, her pastor, my pastor, her sunday school teacher- all wanted Linda to reconcile, to be civil and to speak to me. She would not. She had to have things her own way; no caring for my children's needs. Every child needs a male and female. You overtly support child molesting sodomites and the APA abominable statement that adult child sex is harmless. Thus you believe that a man can be a woman and vice versa!! Repent!! What a moment of stark terror at the Great White Throne Judgement for those of you who do not repent: Luke 13:3, 5; Leviticus 20:13.
I find it interesting that you never and still do not asked my side of it. When I told you the true story, you made an imbelic comment. Do you recall what you said? I will refresh your darkened memory. You said "that's very one sided". You, sir, have no qualifications to be anything. You are just as bad, just as vile, just as wicked, just as abominable as any sodomite drunkard in the gutter and as abominable as Freud the devil himself. All Truth is one sided, THANK THE LORD!!!! WHAT DID THE LORD JESUS SAY IN JOHN 14:6? MEMORIZE IT!! WITCHCRAFT BLACK MAGIC SORCERERS hate all Truth. They hate the fact that a compass is intolerant. They hate the fact that there are moralistic absolutes. THOU SHALT NOT COVET, COMMIT ADULTERY, HAVE ANY GODS BEFORE ME, BEAR FALSE WITNESS. ETC. You neglect to teach that to the sodomites, by the way. And you didn't even recommend awarding custody to me!!!!!!!!!!!! Since Linda is so hateful and destroyed my children, why should she be rewarded for it??!?! Why call evil good and good evil: Isaiah 5:20. You think I, a street preacher need counseling??!! I'll give you counseling. The first Verse of Psalm 23 has done more good than all the little bit of good psychology could ever do for a trillion millennia, were sorcery to have any good to it. But we know that anything of satan is of no good: Matthew 7:24-27. It would be infinitely better to not have satan and his advice at all: Genesis 3:1-7. That's the origin of your "holistic thinking" at the top of your letterhead. Go to my website, surf and see the expose that I have begun to type regarding sorcery psychology. Also have many Links for you to copy and paste. You should want me to speak to you nazis. Ha, now you know what psychologists really are, and you as well!
Why should I be forced to pay child support when DCSE NEVER showed to me proof that my children were even alive? That Linda was not living in fornication with a boyfriend and sponging off of me while I was working two jobs to support my children? In addition, I had told her about gestapo, alphabet govt agencies and runaway bureaucracies. Further, then she probably knew that, once you are in "their system", you can't get them out. Linda still has not paid for all the injustice and hurt done to I and my children. She thinks I should pay child support without proving that my children are alive. You cannot allow the govt to do anything! She thinks she should have something for nothing. You have to communicate and bring the children to me. A monstrous bureaucracy isn't interested in any fairness. They know no such thing.
Further proof against you is that YOU advertise "counseling' for criminal sodomites. You never tell them that they must repent and come out of that loathesome, deadly and abominable mode of living ghastly death. You are attempting to undo the good I did when I preached hard on the street vs. abomina-tion. The LORD JESUS CHRIST used the street preaching to reduce iniquity and make darkness sodomites flee in an attempt to avoid hearing God's Holy Word, the King James Bible. A pornography shop was shut down as a result of the Holiness of God's Word going out. You have only made for a more violent world by not rebuking serial murdering, disease spreading sodomites. You do not attack evil; you enhance and embolden it!! You are fighting vs. GOD and your time will soon be up. You do not want your abominations to be shown to the entire universe: Luke 12:2. Repent now!! Repent, and turn yourselves from all your transgressions; so iniquity shall not be your ruin. -Ezekiel 18:30-31
Repent and believe: Acts 20:21, Luke 13:3, Isaiah 53, 2Corinthians 7:10, John 3:3, 18, 36; 5:24, 14:6, 17:3, 20:31, Romans 10:10, 6:23.

Be saved - Leviticus 20:13 -Luke 13:3, 5 - and give your testimony to your clients and the APA. Once I saw -on the same street your office is on - a meeting of sorcerer psychologists. I placed tracts on all the windshields. You have the opportunity to do the same. Suffer ostracism for the LORD JESUS CHRIST. Ye surely will. But the love of money is the root of all evil, which, while some have coveted after, have erred concerning the faith. So, be willing to suffer for your faith - Hebrews 10:35, 11:35, Daniel 12:3, Psalm 16:11, 17:15, 2Peter 1:11, 21, etc. You surely are not suffering now. Ye are doing that which is highly esteemed among men. ...for that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the Sight of GOD -Luke 16:15.

Remember what that buffoon - I think the shrink's name was Carl Rogers - said at the end of his career: "In answer to the question 'what good do we do for individuals and for society': the answer is: NOTHING". But then he backed off. He then said: "The one good thing is that our clients will probably come back". They, as Linda, my ex-wife, will be just as evil, just as vituperative, just as feminazi, just as wicked, just as rebellious against GOD and country, just as unsubmissive to their husbands, just as vile, just as loud, just as aggressive, just as perverted, just as immodest, just as incontinent, just as abominable, just as sinful, just as hard-hearted, just as reprobate; never giving up their sodomy, booze, drugs, crime, lust, malice, thieveries, hatreds, fightings, strife, backtalk, seditions, fornica-tions, adulteries, lasciviousnesses - but they will come back to the sorcerer because he tells them what they want to hear and makes them comfortable in their sin and blames the environment for their "aberrations". Shrinks never call it what GOD calls it: it is SIN!
Write and let me know you got saved from an eternity of being baptized in liquid fire - Revelation 20:10-15. The Great White Throne Judgement will be a terrifying, fearsome Day for ALL sorcerer psychologists. There is no such thing as "christian psychology", any more than you can have "christian sodomites", "christian rock", "christian harry potter" or christian devil !!!! - Rocky, the rightful biological father of Andrea and Jared Drake. NEVER, EVER is the state the father of the child. NEVER, EVER does a sorcerer psychologist have the right to torch the mind of any child. George Chisholm, Freud, Darwin and Jung are screaming, sizzling and curasig the LORD JESUS CHRIST this very moment in Hell !!! Don't join them!!!!!!!! Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers. Who hath warned you to flee from the Wrath to come? -Matthew 23:33. Yes, you will lose your revenues. You will be persecuted. But take it from one who knows: Better is little with the fear of the Lord, than great treasure and trouble therewith. -Proverbs. I had rather be a doorkeeper in the House of the Lord, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness -Psalm 84:10. All Verses in the King James 1611 Bible destroy sorcery psychology because sorcery psychology is unholy.
Let me know that you repented and believed on the LORD JESUS CHRIST, something not mentioned in sorcerer circles except to take His Name in vain. Once you are born again -John 3:3, you will finally have the desire to make restitution. Obviously, there is no way to undo what you have done from the standpoint of getting back the time. But you can at least apologize to me and apologize to my children for lying by promising me I will get to see my children in a couple years. You can also tell Andrea that her mother has scarred her in keeping me from her, telling vicious lies to her and causing her to have only one parent when she could have had two. You have to apologize to Jared because Jared especially needed me. He has a moderate hearing loss and mild cerebral palsy, so I do not know if he even remembers me. I have prayed and fasted for my children. You will have to count on that as preparing Andrea's heart. She's still been hard hearted toward me. But, if you are going to do your best to make restitution, you have to at least talk Andrea in to mailing me pictures of her, Jared, her and Jared together, tell what they've been doing, where they have been and so on.
E R "Rocky" Labor to destroy sorcery and bring back the land of the free and the home of the brave! Religions/Humanism/psychology.htm

Sorcery psychology: the most dangerous and the most EVIL of all of the religious cults. The religion of the devil:
Sociology is every bit as evil as sorcery psychology. Knowledge of the brain and how it functions has been one of the best kept secrets of the past 150 years. This was no happenstance. If intelligent people had realized how easily clever manipulators can influence thinking through the use of suggestion, and by focusing the attention on a DOMINANT IDEA, populations with the mentality of slaves would not have been so easy to develop. Generations of human automata have been the desired result of much Twentieth Century psychological teaching.

sorcery psychology:

Sorcery psychology thinks they are the parents of YOUR children:
"child protection" agencies are liberal liars. No shrink nor social worker is out to protect your children:
Get rid of the shrinks and go back to sanity!! Ritalin!! Parents do not disciple now, they drug and the sorcerer psychologists are the ones advocating it!!

Cursed be the man that trusteth in man. Jeremiah 17:5. Government governs best that governs least!! And you are seeing a horrible example. Federal funds finance kidnapping of children and taking them to concentratin camps!!! Read all the exposes of cps. You will becom ill. It's revival and trust in the LORD, NOT in the devil's man, the sorcerer shrink and those who believe in deceitful, vile, hateful, sinful man. Talk about stepping over the bounds that the LORD set. Look at this stuff: Genesis 13:13, Leviticus 20:13, Revelation 21:8

Offender: Carroll Wright
Country: USA   State: All USA

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