Sallie Mae
Sallie Mae rips off the unemployed - Sallie Mae student loans

Sallie Mae , Wilkes Barre PA. I am unemployed, out of unemployment compensation, homeless and hungry. Sallie Mae calls 6-7s a day demanding a $400.00 payment.
I called them to try and get qualified for some type of deferment and was told by customer service that I could do a zero income deferment for 25 years and then they would forgive the loan. I asked how this would affect my credit and was told it will not. I also told him I found it hard to believe that Sallie Mae was just forgiving loans and was told they no longer try to collect on people with no income. Then he transferred me to another customer service person who denied everything and demanded the original $400 payment and threatened to do an automatice draw from my bank account. I told him I do not have a bank account. He then listed numerous ways they have of collecting money.
Taking you income tax return, garnishing wages I asked him for a copy of the transcripts from the recorded phone calls with both the original Customer service and him and he told me he cannot do that. I told him thats easy, I get a court order for the transcripts and low and behold he comes up with several more months of deferment out of thin air, Never forget that these are kids with little to no experience or education who work for minimum wage. They do not have the authority to do anything for you. Ask for a supervisor, take names and notes and get it in writing. If you do not like the service, take their name, report them and call back on another line

Offender: Sallie Mae
Country: USA   State: All USA

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