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Edgenuity is a waste of time, not an effective learning tool - World History Survey Class, AP English

In several of my high school classes, the corporation Edgenuity's products have been used to replace teachers completely. Edgenuity is NOT an adequate replacement, and it has effectively wasted my time, left me frustrated and unhappy, and given me very little substantial knowledge. My first and biggest complaint is the content and the way it is taught. Every lesson has a collection of videos- about 10 videos that are 3-4 minutes long in length, interrupted by 2 or 3 questions. The videos feature a teacher and a slide. The teacher reads off the slide, offers a little extra information, and presses the "next" button. The information on the slide is vague, poorly worded, and often biased or completely untrue. A prime example? When learning about the origins of religion, my World History class taught me that it was a historical fact that Jesus came back to life 3 days after his death. Am I the only one who finds this fundamentally wrong? On top of it, 3 of the 10 videos have the exact same slide: lesson objectives, which contain absolutely no information what so ever. Does Edgenuity really think thier students are so dumb they need to be reminded multiple times what the purpose of the lesson is? Once is enough, thank you very much. My second complaint is the quizzes. I don't mean to brag by what I am about to say- i only mean to prove a point. In my AP English placement exams, my scores were so high that the test proctor called my parents immediately after seeing the number to tell her that they have never seen such a score. On the PSAT, i scored higher than 96% of all sophomores in Critical Reading and Writing Skills. However, I have yet to get a passing grade on any of Edgenuity's tests in my AP english class. Why? After reviewing my missed questions, I have come to the conclusion that whoever made the tests was either a royal idiot or a royal asshole. All of the questions are multiple choice- but many ask for the students opinion. Am I the only one who sees the flaw in this? You can't have multiple choice questions based on opinions. Furthermore, in many of the questions, either multiple, all, and even none of the choices can adequately answer the question. Hence, straight-A, 4.0 gpa students in advanced classes recieving scores like 30 and 40% on tests.
If you couldn't tell, I am outraged that my school opted for Edgenuity over live-teacher classes. More than that, I am outraged that Edgenuity has created such low level, incorrect, and flat out insulting classes. Shame on you, Edgenuity, for thinking that the education of America's children is just another opportunity to make money. Shame on you.

Offender: Edgenuity Worldwide
Country: USA   State: All USA

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