College Network
Scam Artists , Indiana

I first came into contact with College Network while researching education options for continuing education.
I was searching for an on-line program to bridge from Paramedic to RN. The college Network popped up all over the place. It claims that it is an online college with a program completely online for RN degrees for Paramedics.
I called the contact information and was sent a recruiters name that would be calling me. After that phone call i was curious about the program, and made a followup appointment. It seemed very strange that the appointment times were only available on Friday Evenings or Saturdays.
I met my personal adviser at a restaurant, thankfully, as i would not have wanted him to know where I lived.
At the first encounter, I felt the pressure to sign a contract that was vague and misleading. The program is not a college at all, rather a publishing company that is out to sell you their books. This company represents itself as a College Network, and actually is a publishing company that supplies overpriced textbooks that supposedly provide you with the material you need to achieve college credits and a degree.
Not the case. Their RN program is not even recognized by the state of Illinois. You can take their program, but the state will not even let you test for NCLEX. Nor will they accept any other states NCLEX Licenses with their name on it. So if you test in Wisconsin, you will not receive reciprocity in Illinois. They will not let you work as an RN in Illinois.
This should tell you something......
This publishing company sells you their textbooks and online Tutor system so you can take the CLEP exams and pass. They overcharge you for the course material, provide no tutorials, and in some cases the material is not what the tests even cover. Then, they have the nerve to charge you in advance for a CLEP exam that you could have taken at any Community College.
They state that it is cheaper to do this than go to College, wrong. It is far more costly, and they charge you an extraordinary amount of interest and fees. The contractual amount was 25% interest, with costs of exams of up to 350.00, when the Community College only charges 75.00.
Very sad if the student in not an educated consumer.
After out initial meeting, I told the Student Advisor, that I would have to research the company before signing an agreement. He was very unhappy, and became irritated, and tried to coerce me into signing, stating the three day cancellation policy. Fully knowing it was late Friday night and I would not be able to get a hold of anyone all weekend.
I refused to sign, went home and did some research.
Good Thing !
This program is a scam, it locks unsuspecting students into a contract that bilks them of their money.They claim that they are partners with certain Universities and that credits earned are recognized. They are not partners.
What this company has figured out, is that many Colleges accept credits for passing CLEP Exams. It is not because they partner with College Network, it is because these are standardized tests anyone can prepare for and pass, receiving credit.
please be careful, I was almost taken by these scam artists.
Don't be their next victim.

Offender: College Network
Country: USA   State: Indiana   City: Indianapolis
Address: Indiana

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