Services Unlimited Plus
Teach people to scam and steal from poor military folk with CHILDREN!!

eing a military family it is hard to make ends meat as it is and then to have someone come and sell magazine and pressure you to buy them for your children and they say "hey kids you want mommy to buy you some magazines??? wouldn't you like that??" well that makes me made and i only want my children happy so i break down with my last few dollars and beg the guy not to cash it till the next pay day and he PROMISES not a problem (ya right) saw that one coming, no dinner for us that night! but not a problem at least he'll be eating ya know and having beer on me and hangin out with his buddy's, but my childrin willl be readin a magazine in 6 months right?, right? um, right?

well as we can see that will never be happening, so $50 down the drain and my first ever in my life bounced check fee also went down the drain, i lost a lot of money that day because of that company and i did it for my children.

i do a lot for my children and that company just doest care. i wonder if the mother of the owner of the company know what they are doing and if she is alive and if she isnt i bet she is turning in her grave right now and he or she will pay for what they are doing to all of us and i am not a religeous person so no pushing here but i think you all i get my point!

Offender: Services Unlimited Plus
Country: USA   State: Arizona   City: Glendale
Address: P.o.box12613

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