T-Mobile (voice Streams)
Biggest Rip off - Even two paper cups and a string have better sound quality then your Samsung cell phone.

This is not a question but a feedback. Dang I never thought that T mobile was this bad, for you dont ever have a feedback e-mail.

I would like to take this time to let you know how poor your customer service is, and how low quality your cell phones are. I use to be a customer but not anymore, for your products are the lowest quality phones out there, I mean even two paper cups and a string have better sound quality then your Samsung cell phone. The quality of your cell phone is so bad that a person might as well walk that mile just to talk to the person rather then calling them because the sound is so poor that you can only understand 10 percent of what the other person was saying.

Next the customer service "May the Devil take your souls," for people handling customers call can't back up what they've just said to the customer, last month I have a representative tell me that my year contract was over by 5-8-03 and today is 5-6-03, so I call to have my plan cancel after 5-8-03 and they (the representative) told me that " I was wrong", that my contract wasn't over till 6-18-03, and I have just talk to a representative on 4/28/03 and had a understanding that my contract was over on 5-08-03 and today 5-6-03 have this type of "CRAP" to put up with.

I then had to go up one person higher and talk to a supervisor who by the way needs to work on his people skill and customer skill. He told me that just because it wasn't written down it means that I have no proof of any of this during 4/28/03; well I can't be there to tell the representative to type it down. Plus the supervisor told me that the only way to have my contract cancel on 5-8-03 was that either I had proof by the representative typing it down during the conversation or by vocal, and 2 second after the supervisor said that I told him that I did have a vocal understanding (agreement) that my contract was done by 5-8-03 and then the supervisor suddenly said that he never told me that a vocal understanding (agreement) would count, so meaning even the supervisor can't back up what he just said to me.

PS: I will never use your services or products again or recommend your products or service to anyone who is planning on getting a cell phone. Plus I will make sure that all that I have to put up with is spread over the internet so that everyone will know that T- mobile (voice streams) quality and services are the worst in the cell phone industry

Only way to stop this is to change the way things are done and fire the supervisor that can't even back up his own words.

Cell phone number is the account number you might be able to go back and listen to the conversation, unless they deleted it already so there wouldn't be any proofs again!

Offender: T-Mobile (voice Streams)
Country: USA   State: Minnesota   City: Minneapolis
Address: T mobile.com

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