Capital Corporation outlandish fraudulent late fee ripoff business

Hi I am another fed up person who has had it with this company.

My parents purchased a second morgage five years ago with firstplus. This company sold the loan to US bank and then US bank sold us to Fairbanks. OF course, here's where the fun begins....

First, the company hits my parents with bogus late charges and even claimed that some of the payments were misdirected. When my father called about this they gave him the run around. Second, there were the harrassing phone calls. They constantly harrassed my mother at her job. MY father asked them not to do this, but they did anyway. They made her feel like scum. My parents borrowed twenty nine thousand and in five years it has jumped to thirty seven thousand.

My father asked fairbanks to send him a statement about the history of the payments they were making toward the loan. To his surprise, when he got the statement, many of the payments were not credited toward the principle. I understand that there is interest, but this is bogus. Where is that money going? My parents have paid about twenty thousand dollars. What is worse, there is no record of the payments made to firstplus and US bank. Where is that money?

My parents are upset and angry about this. My dad is not in good health. He is really struggling with this. He can't even work. My parents are trying to sell our house, but no one wants to get involved with this mess. We are thinking about hiring a lawyer, but we want to weigh all of our options and do the best thing to get out. Please, if anyone has any suggestions, let me know. We are desperate. No hard working american has the right to be ripped off by this company. We are praying and asking God for an answer. I am praying God will bring these people down. Let's do something about this.

Sizzling Mad in SC.

Offender: Fairbanks
Country: USA   State: Kentucky   City: Louisville
Address: P.O. Box 9001710
Phone: 8888186032

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