Madame Gharda Hinain
American University of Technology, ripoff Halat, Byblos

The reports posted about Madame Gharda Hinain, President of the American University of Technology, are no
exaggeration. I worked both on the Byblos and Tripoli campuses as a full Professor between 2004 to 2007. A number of ex-pats from various parts of the English-speaking world had been hired at that time, lending their reputations and academic credibility to the sham university situated in the midst of a banana plantation. On the main campus at Halat many of the classrooms were windowless bunker-like rooms, appropriated from what was supposed to be the underground carpark. Other classrooms and staff offices were in prefabricated structures.

Our hopes were dashed when staff salaries began to dry up and foreign and local employees were reduced to tears, begging Mrs Hinain, who at that time dressed in the latest offerings from Chanel. She was unmoved by my financial commitments, such as overseas housing loans and my childrens school fees. Education for her is a business of exploitation.

In 2006 the Israelis bombed Lebanon, in particular the highways, reducing Lebanons already third world infrastructure. AUT offered no warnings on the website, no assistance and no financial support during those months. Mrs Hinain reportedly sat out the war in Jordan. My partner and I stayed, isolated, struggling to make ends meet for months, reluctant to leave believing we would not be paid if we fled. This proved nave.

Early in 2007 I resigned having finally secured a job elsewhere. At that time Mrs Hinain owed me more than US$30,000. I went to my embassy for help who stated the matter was a private one between Madame Hinain and myself. They gave me the name of a lawyer who turned out to be one of Hinains. After seeking advice from several law firms I acquired stamps from a notary and Mrs Hinain signed the official documents agreeing that she owed me the money. After much cajoling she paid me almost half of the debt. To this day she still owes me US$17,500. For the first few years she promised to pay, and eventually I suggested a plan of regular small payments, which she agreed to, but these promises evaporated. She finally no longer replied to my emails. When once more attempting to take legal action I was advised it was necessary to pay an initial US$5,000 in order just to begin legal procedures without any guarantees as to the outcome.

The American University of Technology is a private university and as its President Mrs Hinain lives in luxury by exploiting unwitting foreign academics and many more Lebanese locals using education as her platform. Her parasitic behavior would easily be identified and eradicated in other countries, but due to Lebanons ongoing woes it has become the perfect host.

Offender: Madame Gharda Hinain
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: Halat, Byblos Highway

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