Landmark education
Brainwashing, Neo-nazi style indoctrination

I wish I had never heard of these idiots! Landmark education is one of the most disgusting organizations I have ever seen in my entire life! Where do you get off telling students that you cannot take notes in any seminar training forum? Who the hell gives them the right to tell us what to do can make fun of us and insults us and make a mockery out of us? How can you sit in a room for 12 hours a day three days straight with no food no water they don't even allow you to go to the bathroom for god sakes! Sadly enough I was lured into this by a family member who is now literally destroying our family because of this cult! Sadly to say one of my family members has been brainwashed by this cult and now he's spending thousands of dollars going to these worthless seminars learning absolutely garbage information about how to become a better person and all landmark education is doing is stealing money from the innocent and pocketing them for themselves by giving no actual fact information on how to live or to become a better person I think that this company should be literally be out of business and the chief executive officer needs to be put behind bars for brainwashing the general public!

I would like anyone who has worked with landmark education behind-the-scenes to come forward and speak truth about this terrible brainwashing neo-Nazi called and admits all the useless information that they provide!

Beware landmark education the public is smart not stupid as you may think they are!

Offender: Landmark education
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 100 west San Fernando st San Jose California
Phone: 4082789100

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