Penn Foster
No Refund After Weeks of Promises and Charges You for Class You Cancelled a Year Ago!!!

I signed up for a class on July 16, 2012 and didn't realize that I would be required to write 3-5 research papers as I thought it was going to be all online testing. Due to my regular job, I knew it would be impossible to take the course with any success. I contacted them within the 10 day time frame and asked to cancel the course. I was told I would be removed and that I would be given a refund for the full $110 I had paid up until that time. I got a letter several weeks ago saying my refund would be $44 which was wrong and I sent them several e-mails regarding this. I finally got a letter from them dated August 15, 2012 that I just got last week stating that the refund would be for $110. I was told back in July that it would take about 6 weeks to process this refund. As of today, I still have no refund and am apparently not getting a check sent to me for the refund. That isn't the only problem I now have.

Yesterday, I pulled another letter out of my box and found that I was being charged a $75 extension fee for a course that I had requested to transfer the money to another course which I did finish. This course was supposed to be taken off my records and replaced with the course I actually took. I have not gotten materials for this particular course since September of 2011. I spoke w/ someone on the phone and sent e-mails regarding transferring this to an internet class in marketing. Strangely enough, that is what was done and the course was paid in full. I am being told that I am over the 6 month time frame for completion. I would assume if I had started the course in August of 2011 and had only recv'd one set of materials around Sept. 13-14 that my 6 month time limit would have been up in February but yesterday is the first I've even heard of this. Not only that but this particular course was assigned a different student ID number so of course when I logged in, it was under a different number. Why would a real school assign you multiple ID numbers??? Why wouldn't you just be assigned one number so that every course you are involved in would show up. I refuse to pay them $75 for a course that was supposed to be cancelled that they didn't do and the fact that I have gotten no materials for this course in over a year which their own automated telephone system verifies that fact.

I truly believe this letter was sent to me in retaliation for the fact that I have sent e-mails to them everyday regarding my $110 that is being held hostage and the fact that I have turned them into the BBB in that area for not doing what they have promised. The fact that I have letters to verify the refund amount and the fact that I should have e-mails to show where the other course was cancelled should not help their cause in anyway.

Avoid this bunch of incompetents like the plague. If you see anything for them, run like crazy!!! I have decided to take a course through SUNY Rockland that is online which will be a better class I'm sure and help me more to get a job than this has done!! They are not to be trusted!!! Penn Foster is truly a rip off.

Offender: Penn Foster
Country: USA   State: Pennsylvania   City: Scranton
Address: 925 Oak Street
Phone: 8884271000

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