Miller-Motte Technical College (Madison)
I was lied to about the hours of the program, their medical equipment is old and doesn't work, they are understaffed and they try to make-up policies/rules as they see fit!

First off, when I enrolled at Miller-Motte Technical College for a medical program I was told they offered day and night classes. I chose nights because it was convenient as far as a ride was concerned. As I pursued my career, I was FORCED to attend day and night classes to stay on track and graduate on time. I signed up for night classes only, not day and night classes!!

I was told on numerous occasions, when registering for classes each quarter, that they were only offering a class I needed during the day. I was told I could either take the classes they were offering at those particular times or I could wait until next quarter (in 3 months) to come back.

One quarter they didn't have any classes I needed at night until next quarter!!! I wanted to graduate on time so I was forced to rearrange everything in my life so that I could attend these day classes. Would you believe I still ended up having to take some night classes the next quarter??? I was back to taking day and night classes again.

The truth of the matter is, they don't have enough staff to fully meet the needs of the students who attend the school, thats why they cant offer the same classes during the day and at night. Why are they so cheap when they charge so much for tuition??? The medical director's husband teaches all the computer classes so if he teaches classes during the day this quarter guess what? You can't take it at night!

The medical equipment they are using is very dated and never worked properly! All that tuition downonly got to use the equipment for one week during a 3 month period!! I was told several students had to wait for paper and a new machine because it was broke. I feel sorry for them because they were required to have a certain number of medical procedures done.

This school has a tendency to pass people who are failing. If majority of the class is failing they will dumb down the tests and assignments to get a better passing rate for the class so they wont lose their job. There are several students who failed all their tests and exams but passed the class with a C. They were surprised about their final grade because they already knew they failed it
and was prepared to take it again.

This school has a tendency to get rid of the good teachers: the ones who actually care about the students and care about doing whats right. These good teachers weren't going to dumb down anything so students could pass the class. What they did instead was spent extra time teaching the students in a way that they could understand the lessons. Because these teachers didnt conform to their liking, they got rid of them.

If you have a job, don't go to miller-motte. I guarantee you they will screw you on the class hours, no matter what you signed up for. They're attitude is, if you really want to graduate that bad you'll do whatever it takes. If you have children, don't go to miller-motte. They will still tell you these are the hours of the classes we have available, take it or leave it. There have been major discrepancies when it came to my loan amounts and financial aid!! They are all about stats and money!! They will do whatever it takes to keep you there so they can keep charging you!!! BEWARE!!! Once you start there, you might as well stay there because YOUR CREDITS WONT TRANSFER!!

Offender: Miller-Motte Technical College (Madison)
Country: USA   State: Tennessee   City: Madison
Address: 1515 Gallatin Pike North
Phone: 6158598090

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