DTI The Diversified Trading Institute
DayTrading Institute DTI METHOD ARE SCAM, Tom Busby arrogant and disrespectful to his students including myself and to my money.

I received method materials from DTI on February 6. It was some low quality self printed very outdated information that just make no sense. All you get is a system that is so complicated that you will spend a lot of time just to understand that it will not work.

DTI Trading rooms are even worse - no profitable ideas and only promotion and up sell.DTI is a complete waste of your time and money. During two weeks time I have spent there, I witnessed 10 official trades with ratio of 8 loosing trades to 2 very small winning.In the beginning of your official trades, Tom and Neil had 2.5 points stops that have been hit almost every time, and for the last 2 weeks Tom and Neil recommended 4 point stops that have been hit 8 out of 10 times.

If your method worked and you follow the right direction, you wouldnt even need more than one point to begin with. You scam is to attract more and more new People until they give up. I witnessed at least 10 different lies on plenty of different subjects from Tom in the last 6 weeks and if you like I can give more details.

Tom proved himself as an arrogant and disrespectful to his students including myself and to my money. His approach is worse than gambling. I have not seen his ability to teach and his trades are loss making.

I'm very embarrassed and humiliated that got on scam that DTI pushes.DTI advertised that the Advanced trading room would be designed for students only, and another room Method will be open for general public. In fact, the same moderator was broadcasting in two rooms at the same time, which makes no sense. You will spend most of your time listening of sales pitch on many different subjects but not use full info.in addition,

DTI promotes an early bird session with lots of gains been made, however I did attend this session twice and from 5 am (Chicago time for me) to 7am there was no moderator at all! It was not a weekend/holiday and market was open, so no reason other than DTI does not take education process seriously.

With that course I supposed to get 1 year of Level 1 Class, 6 month trading room, Life time license of Roadmap Software.I shipped materials back to DTI with in a week after i got it. Now as I can tell they playing a time games.

Making new excuses on justification of refund.I request a full refund for a $1,000 that I paid on 2/1/12 for Level 1 and $200 I paid a month ago for trading room access.

DTI method is just mental game and even your CEO cant make it work on public.

Offender: DTI The Diversified Trading Institute
Country: USA   State: Alabama   City: Mobile
Address: 1555 University Blvd
Phone: 8007457444
Site: www.dtitrader.com

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