American Education Services Fraudulent Billing Practices - can you say RICO?

I have personally experienced the following: AES has and continues to engage in the following illegal and unethical patterns and practices from 2005 through the present (2012):

(1) Intentionally misrepresents payment options available to student borrowers, delays processing paperwork regarding same, and (2) intentionally refuses to timely and correctly apply payments made and received as confirmed by tracking information provided the U.S. Postal Service and various private and reputable mailing companies for the sole purpose of assessing late fees and penalties against student borrowers who are not late in paying their bills and (3) intentionally seeks to conceal its fraud through deceptive billing practices including the issuance of intentionally and materially false and misleading billing statements, summaries, and invoices that do not accurately reflect payments received and fees assessed which statements, summaries, and invoices are transmitted through the mails and through the use of the wires.

AES (4) employs automated telephone dialing equipment to harass borrowers as many as 50 times per day even when borrowers cannot return AES' phone calls or answer them because AES' offices are closed. AES justifies this harassment because of the way it unbundles or bundles loans under each borrower account, e.g., if a borrower has 3 'seperate' loans (3 disbursement dates), then the borrower will likely receive 3X the number of notices, statements, phone calls (from 3 different representatives), as well as 3X the automated (and unreturnable phone calls). Double or triple that number if AES has involved their collection people too including Key Bank. No imagine that you were not allegedly 15 days late on sending the overdue payment that had already been received weeks before (and that AES was just sitting on, waiting to access you late fees), and that you were 30 or 60 days late. Imagine the number of calls you would get then. Multiple by a factor of 4.

(5) AES has forged or caused to be forged my signature on a promissory note in the amount of $15,000.

(6) I have paid almost what I purportedly borrowed 15 years ago, and I still owe as much as I borrowed.

(7) AES (American Graduate Services), Key Bank, and their other co-conspirators are in my professional judgment (as an attorney) and as an account holder, a criminal enterprise and it should be shut down by state and/or federal authorities.

If you want to know why these guys can do what they do and get away with it, thank your Republican Congress and Presidents over the years who have regularly and actively sought to protect banks and their powerful lobby at the expense of students and student borrowers.

The ONLY way that AES is going to topple is if the Federal Government gets involved including the FBI. AES is like the mob. No joke.

Offender: AES
Country: USA   State: Pennsylvania   City: Harrisburg

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