Shippers choice of va
Huge ripoff not worth the 6820.00 that i owe

im writing this because of the lack of schooling shippers choice provided. the school is an absolute joke and deserves to have there so called school shut down for fraud. im not sure where to begin,

first i saw a recruiter, who sales pitch ( and thats all it was ) is mostly a lie. then i was told a $500.00 down payment was sufficient, to only be called 3 days before school started and told that i was going to have to pay an additional $200.00 over the course of the 8 weekend classes. so i agree to it to find out when class started that $ majority of the people who got the loan also had to pay 700.00, so through out the duration of class we spent more time watching previous classman taking up our road and driving time so they could pass there dmv. we may have gotten some time from a good instructor named scott if he wasnt to busy trying to fix the brokedown ragedy trucks they provide for learn on. we spent more time alone just the 3 people that were left in my class by week 5 only to come in one weekend and see they had already started a new weekend class of 18 people so that left my class man and i to fend for ourself. meanwhile people who have already graduated are still taking up much needed driving time. they promise you job placement so let me tell you how great there job placement is. i filled out 2 applications on my graduating day waited a week never heard fron no one so i called the instructor dennis and asked if they faxed them ,off his reply was im dealing with one of my trucks breaking down let me call you back. so i waited he never called back .so the following day i called him again and he apologized for forgetting and said they had been faxed off and i should call them. so i did and neither company had never heard of me.

Offender: Shippers choice of va
Country: USA   State: Virginia   City: Chester
Address: west hundred rd
Phone: 7519090

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