Financial Aid fraud

I started ITT-TECH June 13,2011 taking the IT course to get an Associates degree and was looking forward to continuing onto my Masters later on. I'm recently out of the Navy so my education is paid for through the VA. Not only that but I have been 100% covered by other Scholarships and Grants, for the most part my school is paid for. The total amount owed to the school for the period of 6/13/2011-3/11/2012 is $17,948, with my total amount that I have been awarded with from the scholarships and grants, was paid to Itt-tech in the amount of $26,498, therefore the school owing me the difference of $8550. For the past 6 months of attending school, passing and being a full time student, I have only received 2 checks from them, one in the amount of $308.00 and another one about 2 months later for $497.00???????WTF is that?!!!! I have repeatedly complained to Marrissa in financial aid about the hold up of money that is mine, that they already received all funds from the VA and the Champaign Scholarship, which I have documents from the school dating back to June 22,2011, that my account has been credited $1850.00 from the Pell grant.(haven't seen a dime of that yet), also a letter from them the same month stating "Congratulations on being awarded the CHAMPAIGN SCHOLARSHIP in the amount of $3000 which was to be in two installments of $1500.00, first one being the beginning of the 2nd academic quarter and the other $1500.00 will be disbursed the beginning of the 3rd quarter".(haven't seen a dime of that either). I am now about to start my 3rd quarter in about 2 weeks from now, and so far all I've received from them in 6 MONTHS are those 2 weak ass checks that I have no fuckin idea what those were, I mean shit, I've been expecting MY MONEY close to the amount of $10,000.00 for

EVER!!!!! and get this, when i talked to Marrissa in financial aid(DIRECTOR OF FINANCIAL AID) all she can tell me is she doesn't know why we haven't gotten it yet, but she would call the Corporate Office and find out what was going on, that was 2 weeks ago????? so i called her again yesterday to find out WHAT THE HELL!!! not only do I HAVE TO CALL HER BACK 2 WEEKS LATER, but she blows smoke up my ass once again and tells me she doesn't know why and thats all she can tell me for now. so i asked her for the Corporates phone number and she told me she wasn't allowed to give it out?hmmmmmmmmmm....that sounds alittle weird, especially when i can google the shit and get it.I am so finacially fucked right now and i can't even stand up right, you have no idea what I have lost in the past 6 months, selling EVERY VALUABLE thing I own in my home(which is next to be lost), me and my wife even sold our wedding bands to pay bills. I have borrowed money from family and friends promising to pay them back with this money I was supposed to have recieved MONTHS AGO, i work full time and go to school, when I lose my car any day now, I won't be able to do either. These need to be SUED, their crooked as all hell!!! THEY MUST GO DOWN!

Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Bradenton
Address: 8039 Cooper Creek Blvd.
Phone: 9413099200

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