Eastcoast Nitros Cheerleading Academey
Eastcoast Nitro's Belittles, keeps them crying and disrespects young members while collecting millions without giving back to members

Warning, Avoid these crooks, they take you for alot of money, they act like they are above God.

They treat the cheerleaders like they own them keep them crying imbarrish them in front of the team members and others. They are all about money, you don't pay them they will hurt the girls/guys feelings quick.

Take trips all over and they better be there at their own expense, never do they help with transportation, hotel or give the cheerleaders any rewards for bringing them millions. And the parents are treated horrible, disrespected, they talk down on them, bring things to young children that should not be discussed with a child, I witnessed a child crying after the coach imbarished her in front of team members and others by taking something awarded by the center that compeated at, because her parents had not paid her tuition, which they charge alot of money over the years and you can not claim on your taxes.

They are bad news, bad news, and this is just a small portion of thing these crooks have done and continue to do to our youngsters, they come of sweet but they are the devil.

Do not use them. Warning

Offender: Eastcoast Nitros Cheerleading Academey
Country: USA   State: Delaware   City: Middletown
Address: 114 Sleepy Hollow Dr.
Phone: 3022853222
Site: glen@eastcoastnitros.com

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