Darren Ambler
Darren Ambler/Sociopath/Sex & Drug addict/Pusher/Herpes Carrier/Pornography Addict/Stalker/Illegitimate Children/Unfit Parent/Brain damaged.

Darren Ambler................aka Darren Scott Ambler...Other known nick names/alias's:....."Busted balloon" "Quarter of an inch" "Demented Darren" "Drug Pusher Darren" "Jeckyl & Hyde"............Darren Ambler resides at 12 (Twelve) Westbury Drive in Cherry Hill Township NJ. He is a con artist, Liar., Sociopath, Sexual and Drug addict. Mr Ambler also has serious Mental problems, he is a Male Prostitute, Pornography addict, He has many illegitimate children, He is herpes Positive and possibly has HIV Infection due to his numerous Sexual Partners. Darren is also Bi Sexual when the mood strikes. Darren Ambler is interested in anything sick, demented and sexual.
Darren has screwed probably a hundred or more women and men over the past 2 years. He is a serious sexual addict and must have SEX and DOPE or he goes insane. He is a Pharmacist at Express Scripts which is a terrible profession for a habitual drug addict and pusher. Darren Ambler drugged many of his sex partners prior to dirty filthy SEX. He loves Cocaine, Speed, Heroin, Crank. Acid, and a variety of Pills. Darren Ambler lies about everything and cares about Himself only. He is a "Busted Balloon" in the bedroom and has virtually zero wee wee. Needs a transplant and Facial plastic surgery. Darren has no conscience, class, morality. breeding, manners and he has brain damage from Drug abuse.

Darren is ruthless and arrogant and lives his life in denial. He enjoyed the company of Prostitutes, Madam's, Mistresses, Grandmothers, teens, Divorced women, Married women and men. He is very jealous of guys with ample organs. Darren Ambler is a homely dork with no Personality or appeal. His 145 pound body is also a turn off. His breath smells like garbage. It seems, Darren's internal organs are rotting away due to Sexual Infection and Hatred. Some say Darren Ambler is EVIL just like the Devil in HELL:
Darren is obsessed with the Internet and Porno websites. He loves filthy sex and bondage acts. He likes to beat and abuse women. Darren has impregnated many women and has several illegitimate children in which he pays no support. Some of Darrens sex victims had abortions to avoid giving birth to a freak child. Darren Ambler is definitely a Freak.
Darren Ambler is mentally deranged. He abused Megan Bentzley, Mindy Murray, Angie Parsons and numerous others. Darren Ambler carried on a threesome with Ms. Parsons, her husband and next door male neighbor. Darren broke the law by engaging inProstitution and Spreading his dirty STD's (Herpes) to his sex partners. Spreading STD's is against the law also. Darren Ambler probably never had a date his whole youth due to his homliness, lack of personality and bad breath. He is vulgar and foul mouthed also. Darren also gets a kick out of screwing lesbians. Bondage and Dirty SEX is Darren Ambler's specialty. He is a sick Sadist with gross sexual thoughts.
Darren probably screwed Gary Dumas also. He would do anything sick and filthy. Mr. Ambler raped a women who went screaming into the streets of West Phila one night. The poor girl was high on coke and bleeding from all areas. Wimp Immature Darren fled back to New Jersey before Police arrived. Darren Ambler is a Loser and acts like a demented 10 year old women. His has bulging eyes and gross body. Several Internet articles have been published about Mr Ambler. Religious groups have referred to Darren Ambler as an EVIL SEXUAL SADIST AND DEVIANT. Darren ruined his own reputation.
Darren Ambler is TOXIC, INFECTED AND DANGEROUS. BEWARE. POLICE ARE AWARE ABOUT DARREN AMBLER. DO NOT LIGHT MATCHES NEAR HIS BREATH OR EXPLOSION IS POSSIBLE. Darren Ambler has s2 children that should be removed from his care due to his Prostitution background and sick sexual quirks. Hookers and scum bags make for very bad parents. Mr Ambler lives in a fantasy world and has no remorse for his bad actions. He belongs in an Mental Hospital followed by Jail. He is a waste and a LOSER. He would force SEX and his slimy dope on anyone. He is a menace to the world and should be removed from society altogether. Even Mindy Murray does not want the UGLY Scum bag. Darren is obsessive and a Stalker. he does not know what NO means or "Get Lost:! Mindy Murray does not want Darren Ambler she has a female lover. But Demented Darren is jealous and wont leave Mindy and her love alone. Darren needs to find a nice man with ample parts to satisfy him on those nights when the bi sexual tendencies set in. Darren goes both ways.
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Offender: Darren Ambler
Country: USA   State: New Jersey   County: Camden   City: Cherry Hill   Zip: 08003
Address: 12 Westbury Drive
Phone: 215 xxxxxxx
Site: www.stdcarriers.com

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