Waste Management
Uber Bad Service

I was late paying my bill. Yes, my bad. I, unfortunately, didn't have enough in my account to pay the Waste Management bill the same time I paid my mortgage, water, electric and didn't even have enough to buy groceries. I lived on ramen noodles for the next 2 weeks before my next payday. I understood that they have to harass me by phone twice daily when my bill came due and I understood that they refused to collect my garbage the week my bill came due. But what I don't understand is why after I paid my bill, they still refused to collect my garbage 2 consecutive weeks. They took my money but didn't have the decency to provide me the service for which I paid for. Now I am left with no recourse but to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Protection Services. I wish the local government will pay heed to the people's complaint and re-think about using the services of this company again. It was going well when garbage collection was serviced by a local company and not by the scumbag Waste Management company from out of state.

Offender: Waste Management
Country: USA   State: Washington

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