City Furniture And Natuzzi Leather
False sales pitch and No customer service consumer fraud ripoff fraudulent ripoff business Miami

Dont buy from City Furniture! And don't buy Natuzzi

Never have I been as shocked by the poor customer service and quality of furniture than what has happen to me at City Furniture. And here is WHY.

Last October 2002 we were in the market for a new leather sofa and love seat. We wanted the best we could buy and we visited a large number of furniture companies looking for the best bang for our buck. I was very concerned because I wanted something that would last for a number of years and wanted a high quality. In our quest we learned a lot about Natuzzi leather and there different grades of leather and cost. We were almost sold on a retailer across from City Furniture but they could not deliver until 45 days later. So we visited City Furniture and looked at what they had.

We were greeted by Mr. Infan Ali (salesman) he showed us around and we decided on a Natuzzi sofa and loveseat. I explained to Mr. Ali that I was concerned with quality and durability to withstand in the event one of our children spills milk on the sofa that I would be able to clean the spill. He went on to explain that City Furniture sells a Teflon Leather Protection and a Leather care Kit that will retard and typical bodily fluid, milk and Ink. (for an additional $159.97) He also went on to demonstrate this by writing on a sofa in the showroom and removing the ink stain with the leather care kit. Mr. Ali also bloated about City Furnitures great customer service and should anything happen there customer service department would resolve any problem with the 3 year In-Home Service Program for an additional $111.00.

We were Impressed. We felt as thought we were buying a top name brand with a great reputation from a reputable furniture company and just in case anything were wrong opted for the Leather protection for $ 159.97 and the 3 Year In-Home Service Program for an additional $111.00 .

Six months later I noticed a bubble on the sofa? The leather had stretched in only one spot to the point that it sticks up like a ball? And to my horror I also found Milk on the love seat.

Knowing that I had the purchased the protection package and the leather care kit I followed the instruction and the same ones as demonstrated by the salesman Mr. Ali to clean up the spill but nothing worked. So I called there customer service. And within a few days we had someone over to examine the two pieces.

Strangely he said that the care kit we purchased does more harm than good and this stain could not be removed? He also said the ball effect we have on the sofa would have to be repaired but that we would put some conditioner on it to try to treat it? He then referred this issue to another person for a second option? In about a week we had someone else at our door this person looked at the furniture for about 5 to 6 minutes and left. We later received a phone call telling us that that both the sofa that has a ball sticking out of it and the love seat that has stain marks Have excessive wear and it will not be covered under warranty nor will they attempt any further efforts to repair or replace the furniture??


When I heard this I figured they must have mistaken us for someone else? Because we rarely sit on these pieces. And it is a Natuzzi ?

I called customer service at 954-597-2200 and had the dis-pleasure of speaking to Jesus Orta a manager. He informed me that they would NOT repair or replace our Natuzzi Sofa and Loveseat because he received a report stating that they had excessive wear. I informed him that this must be a mistake to send someone else. But Mr. Orta refused!! When I quested him about the optional leather protection I purchased for $159.97 he refused to honor it? He also said that the ball effect I had was Normal??

So the same day I wrote a letter and with pictures sent them to the Director of Customer Service Laura via email. I also mailed all my information along with pictures to the president of the company Mr. Kevin Koeing But still with all me efforts to get City Furniture to honor there agreement and the optional $111.00 3 year In-Home Service Program I received NO response. No calls no emails no follow up no concerns what so ever?

In Short.

City Furniture provided me with poor customer service.

They lied about the optional Leather protection and charged me $ 159.97

They committed fraud when they sold this product to me.

City Furniture lied stole and cheated there way to a sale.

Offender: City Furniture And Natuzzi Leather
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Ft. Lauderdale
Address: Pines Blvd

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