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When the movers don't meet your delivery date .....false promises, I went through Hell!

I am not sure if i should be doing this or not...but i want others to know the hell i went through with a moving company(s), so that they may not go through the same...

During mid march of 2003 my husband received a job offer in new jersey, he accepted. We were currently located in Louisiana and had begun our plans of relocating.

During that time i began to look for moving companies who would be able to transport our items from louisiana to new jersey. using the internet i searched until i found a company called DISCOUNT MOVING NETWORK who met all of our needs as far as pricing, pick up and delivery.

on april 9, 2003 my husband and i flew up to st.louis on business (one way, from there to NJ). we expressed to DMN that we needed our items by the 29 of april many times and they assured us that they would have them there. to comfirm this assurance they pick our things up on april 14, 03 to make sure that it would be in new jersey on the 29th.

Once we were out of La all hell broke loose. after the moving company had picked up our belongings I found out that they were a totally different company from who we estimated with. DMN had sub contract a company called BBB movers & storage who from here on out will be delivering.

they billed us way over our estimate and told us that we had 839 cu. ft. not 500 to 600 that we and DMN had estimated us. now might i remind you that we are moving from a very small 1 bed room apartment. the storage facility where we stored our belonging was only 800 cu. ft. and was not fill to the top.

they claim they use 18 rolls of tape, which i dont believe, that total $72 dollars. i ask myself how much tape was on the roll?

as the delivery date became closer, getting in contact with these peopled became harder either no answer or "i'll call you back". around april 22 (still in st. louis) the owner of BBB call and asked if i was ready for delivery and i told him that delivery was guaranteed on 29th.

On the 29th we landed in NJ to an empty apartment. my husband, 10 mth. old daughter and i were with nothing. to make my long story short, we are currently living in and out of hotels (checking out on the days they say they would be here) and back in on the nights they dont show up. it is now may 12, 03 and we are still in a hotel with no furniture, just hardwood floors in our apartment. and in 2 days it will make one month that this company have had our belongings.

when we call they may say a date which turns into another and another or may say "let me call you back, I have to talk to the driver" which we never receive those calls back... i tell you the truth the only time i have ever received any calls from this company is when the wanted to know where there $1100 check was, which they received and cashed in addition to the $595 deposit. thats right...they have $1695 on us.

they quoted us $2498 for a job that was suppose to be $1150 which turned into $1785(quoted by DMN). and when we call them about the bogase estimate in cu. ft along with the tape deal they dropped it to $2200. so in reality we only owe them $505 on delivery (confirmed by the owner).

but get may 12 they said we owe them $803 with an additional $300 for a rental truck if they cant fit the 18 wheeler in our apartment complex. i dont think we should have to pay anymore because we didnt get anything. to add, on may 6 i talked to the owned who said he would give a discount because they were late on the delivery. now he seems to have amnesia.

do you think that we should pay them for a service they didnt really do? or do you think they should pay for the weeks we have been in a hotel and the moving service as well?.

li, New Jersey

Offender: BBB Movers & Storage
Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Houston
Address: 5711 Chimney Rock
Phone: 7136666656

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