L. Fish Furniture
Did not honor warranty for Berkeline furniture customer service does not seem to be factored into the price

We purchased a Berkeline sofa recliner and a rocker recliner from L. Fish furniture in Indianapolis, IN several months ago. The salesman persuaded us to buy an extended warranty that covered "everything but claws and gnaws" -- explaining that anything that wasn't done by the cat or puppy was protected.

The recliner rode so low to the ground that part of the back dug into the carpet when the chair was leaned back.... Within a few weeks, the left arm fell off of the recliner. We called L. Fish for the repair, and after a few more weeks, a person came out and looked at the chair -- and "ordered the part".

After a few more weeks, we called back and were told that the damage was probably not covered because the chair was still under the manufacturer's warranty. Berkeline sent another person to look at it and we were told that it probably would not be covered because it's not "fair wear and tear." She ordered the part.... and that's the last we heard.

We finally gave up.... In less than six months, the arm is completely loose (not just wiggling) and has two sharp spikes coming out the front of the arm. That's in addition to the loose staples that were part of this top-of-the-line product from day one.

The most insulting part of this whole ordeal was on the second "repair" visit after we had only had the set for less than two months.... When asked why the sofa's footrest seemed to be so worn so fast, my wife was told "well it's because you put your feet on it -- what do you expect?"

L. Fish has an excellent showroom with an aggressive and enthusiastic sales staff. Be aware that unless you get a good product on the first try, you're on your own because customer service does not seem to be factored into the price....

Offender: L. Fish Furniture
Country: USA   State: Indiana   City: Indianapolis
Address: E. Washington Street

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