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Rip off Warranty means nothing to Spa Depot It didn't work to start with and I am out the money for the repairs. Bloomsburg Pennsylvania

In September of 2002 I finally made a purchase on a spa at the Bloomsberg fair in Bloomsberg PA. I investigated numerous spa stores in my surrounding area, and compared brands and their pricing before making my purchase.

Dispite many enticing deals the majority of the companies offered, I still waited because I was always told that the best deals are at the fair. Although after shopping at the fair I found that only a few of the companies prices were lower then what they offered me in their show rooms. Spa Depot Spas was one of the companies promising me better pricing at the fair, although their prices were actually higher. I actually had to go home to get them my original quote to establish the lower price.

By this time I decided if they honor the lower price I will buy the spa from Spa Depot due to the fact they were comparibly priced, they added the stereo to my spa, and promised the best warranty with a service center twenty miles of my house. All lies.

When the spa was finally delivered 4 weeks after promised by Crystal Clear Pools it was 1st the wrong color...2nd a down graded model with the stereo, but less jets...3rd it didn't run. Two out of three pumps were bad right from the start.

As for the five year warranty, the local service center has still not contacted me. Spa Depot in Las Vegas told me to call the manufacturer, which I thought they were. So far what I've found is that Crystal Clear Pools has changed ownership, and will not honor their warranty.

Spa Depot Spas doesn't even build their own spas and referrred me to another manufacturer. And Maxx Spas the manufacturer who does build them, told me it is their low end line of spas, but they will honor the warranty.

As of May 03 the warranty has never been honored, and I have never been reimbursed for the repairs an outside company had to make to get my spa up and running. In my opinion all of the parties involved are liars, and do not stand behind their porduct.

Offender: Spa Depot Spas
Country: USA   State: Nevada   City: Las Vegas
Address: 9310 S. Eastern Ave. Suite #123

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