Frustrating experience with Sears Home service

I have an issue with GE fridge keeping the right temp and its freezing everything from the midpoint down, so I chose to go with a trusted consumer name to have it fixed. Should have checked these boards before!.

Booking an appt online was easy and quick, and they showed up in the time window.

I had to go into work so I left instructions for my cleaning lady to have the technician call me., which he did. His communication style left me with huge reservations on his capabilities. He called back and gave me the list of parts that needed to be replaced and the estimate of $375 which reflected a 10% coupon I had. SInce its a 12 year old fridge, I had a problem with sinking this much into it...what next would break, right?
So I declined the service .

Today, I researched his estimate, comparing Sears pricing against other parts, Sears was more expensive...then I saw from home do-it-yourselvers that it would take less than 30 minutes per part to install these parts. He charged me $160 in labor for two parts! that's on top of the $65 visit fee, which most companies apply TOWARDS your total, but Sears doesnt. Also since any one of these parts could individually fix the cooling issue, I had a problem with him outright saying to change out all three. Looks like something I can do myself anyway from the videos and postings ...and I'm a girl!:P
So I felt very ripped off and called Sears Customer support. This was a joke. I struggled with getting to a voice...and then it was someone with a thick accent who didn't understand my issue, even after I explained three times, so I asked for a manager. After 30 minutes on hold, I was disconnected. I know this is a tactic to eliminate folks that lack time and /or tenacity to follow through on a complaint. And this is my Saturday and I do have a lot to do today with kids and other responsibilities , so you win Sears! I have no more time to deal with. and btw I wrote this mostly while on hold ;0)
Oh...and he left a $100 coupon torwards a Sears have got to be kidding! Sears isn't getting my business here!

Offender: Sears
Country: USA   State: All USA

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