Sears Maintenance Contract Problems-3 week wait - Sears Kenmore washing machine

October 22, Monday evening: Kenmore Washer HE-2t has code on it; re-run it, still code appears. Called Sears, but they are closed for the night (the Philippines call center said they could not take down the information for the morning)
Tuesday AM: Call Sears tech- he suggests we turn off the machine and restart- to check circuit board; no problems there%u2014same trouble code reappears during a new wash cycle. He schedules the earliest appt. available- in 15 days, November 7. No other earlier appts. available. Sears%u2019 repair service is backed up. I also request transfer to their complaint resolution section for earlier action. Jill in High Pt. NC call ctr. (#610972) tries to be helpful, but cannot escalate the appt. I indicate that 15 days without clothes is not acceptable. She concurs, and checks: Sears delegates the service to A&E in the SF Bay Area and cannot help. She indicates that Sears service contract does not have ANY time guidance on when service is provided. She files a complaint for me (#1108883). We are put on an escalation list for cancellations.
Wednesday AM: Call 800-927-7836, option 5- customer complaint # provided. Aaron in High Pt., NC call ctr. checks whether Sears would reimburse me for 3D PARTY service call%u2014to clean out lint filter near water pump, the same problem we had last time. No dice. He also says for more rural locations, current customers are being scheduled December appts. I am given A&E #, and they indicate appt. available for Nov. 2 (so much for Sears%u2019 list!!)- now only 10 days. They give me their customer solutions # (800-469-4663) and Letty in Austin, TX confirms no earlier appt. available, but I am on A&E%u2019s cancellation list.
Thursday PM: local non-Sears tech comes out (within 1 day) to remove kick board at bottom of machine to get access to filter next to pump. Machine functions after lint removal, but he indicates pump runs warm and likely will fail within 90 days. I pay for service.
1. Does Sears monitor repair order flow to avoid 15 day backups?
2. Does Sears really actively monitor A&E service/schedules, since Sears has delegated it to them?
3. Why not allow 3d party service reimbursement when A&E cannot come promptly?
4. Design flaw in machines- the filter should be made accessible to allow customer cleanout, without need for %u201Cpentagonal screw head%u201D wrench sockets to open the kickplate.

Offender: Sears
Country: USA   State: All USA

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