Home Depot

I recently visit store 6838 and purchased a washing machine. The delivery date was almost 2 weeks out, although the associate said there was a unit about 250 miles North. Well, okay, the associate who helped me was very nice.

Less than a week later, I kept getting calls from an 'unknown' number and the caller would not leave a message. The next time one of these calls came in, I picked up and the woman on the phone presented herself as "Melissa from Home Depot ". She proceeded to tell me how I had to have my water tested before they would install my washer. She said it was part of Home Depot's appliance longevity program. I let her know that I had not purchased an extended warranty or anything of the sort. To that she replied, "Oh no, ma'am, this is for OUR data on the life of the machine."

Finally, exasperated, I asked, "Is this REQUIRED for you to install my washer?"
She responded, "No."
I said, "No thank you."

So, two days before the scheduled delivery date, I get a call telling me that the date needs to be shifted by a week or more, while they locate a unit. I let the caller know this was unacceptable and to cancel my order. She told me I had to contact Home Depot directly.

In the meantime, I NEEDED a washer. I got online with another appliance retailer, made the purchase and the VERY NEXT day had my identical machine installed. And the price was LESS!

So, the night before my new machine was delivered, I went to Home Depot, listened to my cashier instruct another cashier on how to handle her customer. I asked to speak to the manager. He came over and watched my cashier continue to give instructions to her coworker, who was also with a customer. The manager did nothing to stop the rude behavior.

Once my refund paperwork was processed, I told the manager about my telemarketing call experience and the delivery delay. He was apathetic and just said, "Sorry about that". He even said he knew who Melissa was and that she did not work for Home Depot.

I made it very clear to Mr 'Sorry about that' that the whole experience had soured me on Home Depot and I would NOT consider them in the future for purchases and he seemed fine with that.

If this was my company to run, the cashiers and the 'manager' would be looking for alternate employment.

I will not return.

Offender: Home Depot
Country: USA   State: All USA

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