Sears Service Center Customer Service is ABYSSMAL - KENMORE WASHING MACHINE

I bought a top of the line Kenmore washer from sears and it's barely 2 years old. I started hearing a squeaking noise so I called to schedule a repair service. I got an India based associate whom I couldn't understand and all they wanted to do was sell me on services, first the extended warranty, then check up service. I had to ask 3 times to stop trying to sell me stuff. They scheduled my service, told me I would receive an e-mail confirmation and an automated call as reminders and I was relegated to a 4hr window (1-5p) of time which meant me taking off from work. I never got the e-mail confirmation and the automated call left 5 min of dead air on my voicemail. I called back the morning of my appointment to confirm and was told the technician would call me with a time they would be by. 3 hours into my appointment I'd heard nothing so I called again and was told the same thing. The technician showed up at 5p with no prior call. He looked at the issue and said he would need to order parts so yet another repair appointment. The parts were shipped to me so there was no way the technician would be able to check the parts beforehand. I got another 4hr window (8-12p) a week and a half out. Still another day off from work. No email confirmation, another 5 min of dead air on my voicemail and I'm calling back again the day before my appointment to speak to another India based associate I can't understand. I was told the same thing, a technician would call to let me know when they would be here. Guess what...they showed up unannounced again and of the parts is missing a gasket so they can't do anything. ANOTHER DAY wasted for me. He would have to order the part and schedule another appointment. He gave me the US Service center number to call to move the appointment up because his system won't schedule any earlier than a week out. I called and was immediately placed on hold. I sat on hold for 30 MIN...and discovered the call system automatically disconnects after 30min!!!!!! I called back AGAIN!! I finally got through to an associate and told him I was very dissatisfied and without even asking me what the issue was goes, "Sorry for the inconvenience, what appliance is this for?" So associates are trained to give a dismissive apology RIGHT OFF THE BAT??? REALLY??? And no matter what I said he just talked over me to try and force me to drop the issue so I had to ask for a manger. The manager tried to help but found out the 3rd appointment wasn't even in the system yet so guess what...I have to call back AGAIN!!! So the manufacturer (LG) can't make the machine so it will work beyond 2 years, Sears is yet another company that offshores their call center to save money and provide POOR customer service because they just want to sell you stuff. The process has parts shipped to the customer and the technician can't inspect the parts before hand AND the Techs KNOW LG sends parts orders out with missing parts..the tech told me so directly! And the customer has to have multiple appointments and deal with an ENTIRE SYSTEM that fails in providing customer service just to have their $800 appliance working again and on the customer's dime. ABYSSMAL!!!

Offender: Sears
Country: USA   State: All USA

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