Afforable Waterproofing LLC
Very Unprofessional

We called them to have someone come out to give us a quote...during the meeting with the saleman all he did was take notes on a notepad and in the end didnt even leave us a quote because he stormed out of the house angry because we would not sign with him that night. My husband called the company and left a message stating that we were interested in getting an ESTIMATE (please note I write estiamte in all CAPS for a reason you will see why as you continue reading) for waterproofing our basement. The salesman called back and left my husband a voicemail which was a bit rude, He started off the message by saying if your there pick up the phone? Then my husband calls back and sets up an appointment and the salemans said okay now make sure you write this time down on your calendar, don't forget about the appointment. Just from these two interactions with him he seemed annoyed and as though we were wasting his time asking for a quote. (which correct me if I am wrong but isnt that his job??)So he comes out and goes through everything he seemed pretty knowledgable and pretty nice...nicer than the first impression we got. But since we were not ready to sign a contract that night he started to get angry. We told him that we were not ready to sign tonight because we wanted to talk about our finances and just talk it over in general and he told us that our reasoning made no sense and that we should be signing with him tonight. He started to yell about how we were lying to him and that we could get zero financing for a year and we told him that we didnt want to finance and he just kept telling us that our story didn't make sense that and that we were lying and pretty much made it seem like we were wasting his time. Then he got up asked where the quickest exit was and stormed out of the house. How unproffessional is that? When we contacted this company we asked for a quote, not to sign a contract that night. It is completely normal for us to want to talk it over before signing right away. He was rude and majority of the information he gave us was bad mouthing other companies. I get that it is a competitive field but we had 3 other quotes and NO ONE bad mouthed the other companies like this guy did. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!! Do not waste your time getting a quote from them, unless you want to be bullied and talked down to.

Offender: Afforable Waterproofing LLC
Country: USA   State: All USA

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