Lack of Customer Service

I have spent a substantial amount of money at Lowes over the last several years and had more than one issue arise from this store. The common thread between the issues is the lack of customer service you receive when there is an issue. I realize that sometimes there are policies and other restrictions that might prevent a situation from being resolved the way a customer feels it should but I would think that there should be an attempt to treat the customer with dignity and respect and at least try to resolve the issue. My most recent experience with Lowes occurred today, 8/19 and involved a bath tub. I had purchased this tub a while back and it had been installed during a very large remold project in my home. One week after the tub was installed the bottom of the tub began to chip apart and show rust forming in the chips. Since I had just had new drywall, flooring, a tile surround, sink, toilet, etc. installed in that bathroom we do not want to ruin the other work and waste more money. We decided to leave the tub in and try to repair the chips/cracks with pool paint (from Lowes). The repair didn't last and not only did the paint peel but the bottom of the tub continued to chip. Finally I was so disgusted with the look of the tub that and the danger of the rust that I mentioned it to one of the store associates (not a manager) that I often see while I'm shopping there. He indicated that I would need to bring the tub in to have anything done about it and speak to a manager. About two months later my husband finally had a weekend off and he removed the tub from the bathroom. Although he was careful, parts of the tile wall, drywall, and tile floor were damaged. When we went to the store there was an immediate attitude displayed by one of the lower level managers and I then request the highest store manager available. She proceeded to call another manager on the phone and to tell her what she had told me (with attitude) instead of just explaining my concerns and allowing that manager to make a decision. In the meantime another manager (at a higher level) happened to be walking up to customer service and had a disgusted look on his face as he literally glared at the tub. Yes the tub was beat up and dirty, the edges were damaged as it was removed and there was dirt in the tub from the drywall. I had to interrupt his glaring to explain that "the tub is like this because it was ripped out of our bathroom and that my entire bathroom is a mess due to this low quality tub." They attempted to look up the purchase on three of my credit cards and then the manager proceeded to brush the dust away to "see" where the finish was chipping. He noticed the paint peeling and said "something isn't right about this, it looks like the tub was refinished and that is peeling." Yes, pool paint from Lowes had been applied OVER the chips and cracks so I could give my child a bath in the tub without her delicate skin sitting on cracks and chips with rust. I take tetanus very seriously and I did not want to risk exposing my 17 month old child to that. I was not just the fact that nothing was done and that my time and money were wasted, I do not appreciate the attitude displayed by 2 of the 3 employees in "management" roles. There was such a negative and outright rudeness during this visit I could not even explain my situation in detail to the manager who walked up and glared. Even when I was telling him the story about the conversation I had with the other employee 2 months prior he said “don’t you think you should have spoken with a manager first?” No, I didn’t think that, I assumed that the store would stand by their products, my mistake. Why have a chip on your shoulder instead of just trying to look up the purchase and fix the issue? Why glare at the tub in disgust instead of walking right up to the customer, introducing yourself, and asking them what happened? Why sell low quality products with "7 year warranty" printed on the boxes (the store selects their vendors and can decide not to sell these items)? I have never had an issue at Home Depot that hasn't been immediately addressed and I am always treated with respect in that store. I will not tolerate this unacceptable behavior from employees at places where I am choosing to give my patronage too. As a human being to another human being, this behavior is absolutely unacceptable.

Offender: Lowes
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Pompano Beach

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