Paradise Candles of Hawaii

I recently purchased some "Paradise Candles of Hawaii" from a Costco Roadshow.

Not only did the sales rep misrepresent the product, but she also lied about them being "made in Hawaii".

She said the hand-carved bowls were made in Hawaii, but they're actually shipped in from the Phillipines.

She said the candle would burn wayyyyy longer than it actually does.

She said they're all natural but they have synthetic scents and dyes.

She said the scent "lasts" and is stronger when it burns, but it doesn't.

Many times the flame gets out of control high.

Sometimes the wooden bowls catch on fire.

And, did I mention they're over priced...

Shame on you, Costco for allowing this.

Offender: Paradise Candles of Hawaii
Country: USA   State: California   City: Murietta, CA

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