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The White-Collar Criminal

There are about 25 or more types of White-Collar Crimes and 22 or more White Collar-Schemes. This is from Wiki the definition of what I am talking about.

White-collar crime is a financially motivated, economic, non-violent crime committed for illegal monetary gain. Within the field of criminology, white-collar crime initially was defined by Edwin Sutherland in 1939 as "a crime committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his occupation" (1939). Sutherland was a proponent of Symbolic Interactionism, and believed that criminal behavior was learned from interpersonal interaction with others. White-collar crime, therefore, overlaps with corporate crime because the opportunity for fraud, bribery, elaborate ponzi schemes, insider trading, embezzlement, computer crime, copyright infringement, money laundering, identity theft, and forgery are more available to white-collar employees.

Top Ten White-Collar Criminals in Jail Now

– Edwin Edwards

– Jack Abramoff

– Andrew Fastow

– Randy "Duke" Cunningham

– Richard Scrushy

– Joseph Nacchio

– John and Timothy Rigas

– Jeffrey Skilling

– Bernard Ebbers

– Bernard Madoff

Here is the link so you know I am not liar about these White-Collar criminals

Let me just say in here that I’AM SOOOO Upset about SDS James Jim Kennedy that I wish I never dealt or heard of this Man that I call A FRAUD! A SCAM! A LOW DOWN HUSTLER! A BAD BUSINESS MAN TO DEAL WITH, A HORRIBLE NEGOTIATOR and yes A LIAR!!!. I hope everyone read that last one HE IS A LIAR! Yes I said it JIM Kennedy And I have A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to make A Legitimate Complaint. And if you want me to be A Happy Customer then you know what to do to make things right. I feel if an Owner/President of any company did not want anyone making complaints about them, then maybe they should never try to DOUBLE CROSS their customers in any way shape or form. This man will throw you so many types of scare Tactics I know for a fact many people Fall for his tricks. “You have Rights So Use Your Legit Complaint” and if you don’t know Your Rights then get a copy of United States Constitutional Rights and study it, understand it and learn your Freakn Rights. I feel and believe that Americans forgotten their Rights. Jim James Kennedy did not even Apologize for what he does to you. He makes Excuses and start Accusations against his own workers just so he can look clean.

Just a short true story of my situation

On JULY 18, 2010 I and my husband got into a contract with SDS Storm Damage Specialists Of America ( Jim Kennedy ) Suppose to be Roofing replacement, Emergency tarp & for Interior water damages. Jim Kennedy was suppose to put Emergency Tarp to stop water damages that was entering my home. He never honored his words or what he wrote on the Contract Agreement. We was promised that the Job would get started in two weeks right after I handed the first check. More than two weeks passed and nothing had started. I decided to call one of the representatives and it ended in an argument and I was told I should have known better when I signed the contract in the first place. So I decided to call the Office number asking why the job did not get started. This is what I was told by representatives David ( In the first place we don’t start any jobs in two weeks or tell anyone that a job be started in two weeks, and that they have a backlog of 30 something customers ahead of you) The conversation ended me being pissed off and feeling Ripped Off! So I kept on asking Mr Kennedy why would he lie to me and that I am very upset. Which Mr Kennedy claims he never lied.

I had enough with the arguments and the lies being told to me so I decided to make a Complaint to The BBB and wrote to them what this company was doing to me. Well and behold the so call Owner and President Jim Kennedy calls me asking ME why I made this complaint and I told him It’s my rights to make a complaint. Mr Kennedy had decided after all his threat tactics and intimidation that did not work, he decided to finally start the job. which he finally started the job in SEPTEMBER 2010.

Jim Kennedy or James Kennedy which he goes by more than one name had decided to stop work by mid September, LIED! to my insurance adjuster that he finished the Whole Job, then telling me that we owed him an extra $2000 Dollars, which I said No Way we don’t owe you any moneys.

Let me just say that the $2000 went to $1800, then $1400, then $1100, then $800, and then finally $600 Dollars. So I guess He decided since I didn’t fall for all his tricks. He decided to put us on a Collection Agency to punish us and mind you it is still 2010. Well I did not care what he thought and I told him get the fuck back over here and finish the Job because I don’t owe you any money. Mr Kennedy said NO. We gotten harassing phone calls by the collection agency for about a month or so and also got paper work like If we really owed money. This is how SDS Jim Kennedy works with all the scare tactics he can pull up on you and tried almost all of them that I can remember. And this story continued all the way to now in 2012 which SDS Mr Kennedy wants to make an agreement with us now. But Now A Penalty Agreement on against us for $10, 000 Thousand Dollars because we made a complaint here about him. Now why would I sign an agreement going against me, going against My Constitutional Rights and just hand my rights to silence me, over to a criminal. Let me just say that this situation that I have just continued and is going on 2 years with my roof not completed, my house interior still in the same bad condition and more damages appeared while Mr Kennedy trying to play child like games.

I recently ran into one of his posts in BBB Title America’s SDS Construction and an ALERT! Is written in Red. It says in writing “ ! There is an alert for this business ! “ I mean it has two exclamations to warn you. Also it has No Ratings that the business is not a BBB accredited. For now I guess this is what it is saying because before I did not see this. And towards the end of this information which this is for the public to see, it shows Out Of Business and a description advising you to seek legal advise if you have any unresolved disputes with this company.

If you run into this business Please do your homework first before you sign into anything with Jim James Kennedy or anyone connected to him, OR any types of business with a contract involved. Because I promise you, you will be very Unhappy. I am Unhappy and there are others that are Unhappy also. There is a person here called kiwimay and you can read his situation and you will also see arguments between me and Mr Jim Kennedy in kiwimays post. So go read it and really think why we are unhappy.

I was advised to negotiate and I tried So Hard to negotiate with Mr Jim James Kennedy and it just does not work at all. Mr Kennedy just wants things done his way. I cannot believe Mr Kennedy let this go on for 2 years and not even finish the Job he was Hired and paid to do. Mr Kennedy does not feel he did anything wrong. I don’t know what others gone through. All I know is what I went through and I have all the proof in my hands. I have no respect for Mr Kennedy and when I think about SDS James Jim Kennedy I just want to throw up and Spit with disgusting emotions about him.

I Hope Insurance Companies fights for their customers when their customers calls them telling what they are going through. For what I know my insurance company tells me it is All my fault i hired Mr James Jim Kennedy and for all I know my insurance company still probably helping Mr James Jim Kennedy with insurance claims.

What can I say White-Collar Criminals get away with allot and that’s The Truth.


Me CFIG ! A Pissed Off Customer ! May 2012 A Job still never completed, which I probably will have to hire someone to finally finish the Job Mr Kennedy was paid over $11, 000Thousand Dollars to do

Offender: SDS Storm Damage Specialists Of America
Country: USA   State: Indiana

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