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Dear Sir, Losing a house is a devastating experience, but when you may lose your house because it has been constructed incorrectly, it is even more frustrating. I want to share with you a consumer issue that affects at least 100 plus families in Pooler, GA. In 2006, my son purchased his first home. As a disabled veteran with three children, he was very excited because he now had a place to call his own. A few years after purchasing the home, my son lost his job. After losing his job, he took odd jobs to try to make ends meet so that he could keep his home. After finding no work in Georgia, he moved to Harrisburg, PA to work as a contractor and I, his mother, took over as executor of his home. Just before my son was leaving for Pittsburg, he noticed he had a water leak in his home. The leak continued to spread through the home and caused damage to the carpets and some of his furniture. Upon having the insurance adjuster come to look at the home, we were told that the home had a slab leak. After doing some more investigating, we found out that all the homes in the neighborhood have had at least 3 to 5 slab leaks within a one to three year period after moving into the homes. Most of the homeowners had to have their plumbing re-done at their expense. To have a thorough check of the home, we had a contractor come out to further inspect the house. We were told that the cement slab was laid on top of the pipes and that there is no rebar in the homes. The soil the houses are built on has a high level of acid. Some of our attics are constructed incorrectly. One homeowner who had her plumbing and her sewage connected together, and for six years she drank water, bathe and cooked with that water; she had to have her house gutted and re-done. We were even told that some houses, such as my sons, are so poorly constructed that no one should be living in them. We also got in touch with homeowners in other Fred Williams' subdivisions and found they are having the same problems. The insurance adjuster suggested that we contact the home builder, Fred Williams Construction. However, when we contacted Fred Williams he refused to accept the fact that his homes were poor constructed. What is sad is that over 80% of the homeowners in these areas are first time home buyers and with the economy, they cannot afford to move or get the necessary repairs to keep the homes in good condition. Buyers need to beware of construction companies that are putting these homes together in a few weeks, and the cities that are letting them do it. You can watch the clips about this at The reporter is Alice Misemmi.

Offender: Fred Williams Homebuilder
Country: USA   State: All USA

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