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GE fridge, bought at Sears - GE

My GE fridge stopped working four years after I bought it. Cost over a grand.

I called Sears, they sent a guy out a few days later. For $75 he wrote this on a random piece of paper: "325 PART! 217 LABOR!" Then, left his phone number and first name.

He didn't leave a description of the problem or anything, but told us we needed a new inverter. We told him we'd think about it. He left.

Based on parts, an inverter for this fridge cost $172. Yet, he quoted me $335.

So, I called Sears and explained everything and the first time I called I was really mad. The kid on the phone fumbled around and told me "uhmm... he might have needed other parts." What parts? No answer. "he thinks it might have been the compressor?" Well, that's simple to determine with his equipment, was it or wasn't it? No clear answer, just circles.

I cooled down and called again and just asked, "What did the tech say was wrong with my fridge?" Simple answer this time, "It's the inverter. That's all."

So, the Sears repair guy was absolutely trying to scam us.

You know how you all hate having repair people over? Yes, this is why.

What they don't get is that with Google, we can look up literally everything. I'll be contacting them for my $75 service fee back soon once I can stand to be on the phone with them again.

Offender: sears home repair service
Country: USA   State: All USA

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