Alienware is not fixed for 1 year - ALIENWARE

We purchased out Alienware computer from Netherlands and a few months later we moved to Turkey. We had a simple blu-ray issue and called customer service. They sent someone to our house, he replaced the part, however when he assembled our computer did not start. Since that date (1 year) it is broken. As we were watching the technician we did warn Dell customer service multiple times that he does not know what he was doing but it was not taken serious. Upon this failure we have been visited at home approximately 20 times, parts were replaced around 20-30 times. Replaced parts are screen, LCD display, keyboard, motherboard, processor, graphics card (some of them multiple times). LCD was replaced 3-4 times since the technician opened back cover by forcing with a screw driver, he damaged the integrity of screen, it kept getting broken in a few days after each replacement. At the end we were asked to take it to a so-called laboratory. They kept it for 2 months. Once we were called by an employee of that laboratory (Dell`s subcontractor) saying he is sick of our computer. He does not want to deal with it any longer. Imagine how assured we felt. Eventually, two months later we have been called by Dell Turkey and they told us to collect our computer at a broken state and they apologized saying they have nothing else to do anymore. They told us to take it to Netherlands for replacement. Netherlands Dell did not accept such responsibility arguing that they didn`t break the computer or provided the technical service. When we told this to Turkey Dell, they issued a DoA Form so we can take to our seller in Netherlands. We arranged a trip and did what they said. Even though our seller insisted Netherlands Dell did not give a replacement product again arguing that they have nothing to do with it. At the moment we are like a ping pong ball bouncing between two countries with no solution whatsoever. All we know is we bought a product for 2k being assured that we will receieve international service. However our computer was nothing but a training dummy for an unqualified employee of Dell`s subcontractor and we are not compensated. On top of 2k worth product which is non-functional and still have warranty for more than a year, we had to pay for a new laptop, multiple international and local calls, multiple trips between two countries and suffered a substantial business loss. We have all relevant documents translated into English and a list of parts that were replaced.

Country: USA   State: All USA

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