Singer Sewing Center of Athens
Repair shop is a black mark on singer - Singer futura xl400 repai

I called around trying to find a repair shop that worked on the sewing / embroidery machine that i recently purchased. I only found the 2 that the singer site listed. I specifically asked about the model that i had when I called each shop? SINGER SEWING CENTER OF ATHENS could get to me faster and i could wait while he did what was needed so i went there. He would not accept my paper as my receipt so i had to pay out of pocket $149 (later took machine to atlanta shop and they had no problem with my receipt) ATHENS said my machine was fixed, i paid and took it home. IT WAS NOT FIXED. I called to see when i could bring it back and wait on it again. I was told there was nothing further he could do so there was no need to bring it back. I called SINGER and they told me to take it to atlanta. I was told by SINGER that ATHENS was not trained to work on my machine. ATLANTA SEWING MACHINE fixed my machine. They had embroidered an image, chosen by SINGER to show me how the machine was performing. ATLANTA also had to clean all the lubricant out that ATHENS had placed in it. It ruined an item I was working on turning the baby pink thread grey. When I contacted SINGER I was told to take my receipt back and ATHENS should refund my money. ATHENS not only WOULD NOT refund my money they lied about telling me not to bring my machine back and about having a receipt. ATHENS informed me they did not take orders from SINGER. When I reminded him that he did not fix my machine he told me THERE IS A DIFFERENCE IN WARRANTY WORK AND REPAIR WORK and he was not going to loose money by giving me a refund, even though he could turn it in to SINGER under warranty . I have given SINGER the information that the department manager requested. It has been about 3 weeks and still no response as to how they are going to settle the matter. I have the emails from singer that states ATHENS was not trained to work on my model and the emails stating that ATHENS is trained just not as good as ATLANTA. Either way, trained or not, ATHENS did NOT fix my machine, lied about things that he told me and denied seeing receipt that i showed him. He also failed to tell me I was using the wrong bobbins. Those bobbins damaged a $30 part that i had to replace bringing the cost up to $180. ATLANTA told me the bobbins that I had purchased as SINGER J15 were actually not a singer product and that was what caused the damage to the part. ATLANTA replaced a part that fixed the usb hook up and aligned all 3 timing features and cleaned out excess lubricant. My machine worked like a dream when i got it home. ATLANTA SEWING MACHINE is a very informed business with friendly and helpful people working there. I learned a lot of helpful tips while talking to them. ATLANTA makes SINGER look good unlike SINGER SEWING CENTER OF ATHENS who have made me wish i had not purchased a SINGER PRODUCT. The issue has been dragging on for months and I am beginning to think I will never see my money refunded.

Offender: Singer Sewing Center of Athens
Country: USA   State: All USA

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