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Our credit is being wrecked while furniture is broken - LG Blueray Playe

Hey there,

We had gone into the Brick store some time ago and ordered a leather recliner couch, a bedroom set, and a home theatre.

We were told we had no payment no interest until may of next year. Meanwhile they kept billing us while our furniture was broken and we had no idea until they started harassing my fiancée's mother calling her on Saturdays several times a day, somehow they had my fiancée's old phone number. They never once called our phone number to tell us and we had moved.

Turns out they wanted a payment of 35 dollars, all that for 35 dollars I thought? This is ridiculous they're lucky I don't take my furniture back and profit nothing from myself and my fiancée.

Fast forward a couple months I had a brick repair guy I had to leave in my house because the furniture was so bad and he was already there for several hours. He spent from 8am-5pm in my apartment and I had to leave him there as I had a doctors appointment and my fiancée was at work. I get home and he says its still broken, then they give us a new couch and less than a few weeks later its digging right into my back again.

Our bedroom set is starting to crack in the cheap wood they gave us for the bedroom set.

Our home theatre system has had one of the speakers broken from day 1 but with the couch broken that took top priority as well as their credit department harassing us over 30 bucks (yeah not 300 THIRTY DOLLARS!).

Then we got a bill in the mail demanding 130 dollars per month, which I will not pay for this broken junk. Turns out we were late for a bill we never saw, and it was 11 dollars, so over ELEVEN Dollars they DOWNGRADED our CREDIT so that its 130 dollars a month instead of 11 and that we no longer have our no interest no payment plan, and its wrecking our credit.

Please somebody help us restore our credit as we have done nothing wrong here and have been severely duped by the Brick. And had we known they would do this to us we would have taken our business elsewhere, to a place that doesn't sell cheap/garbage furniture like the Brick. I was expecting an upgrade over IKEA, oh how wrong I was.

Offender: The Brick
Country: USA   State: All USA

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