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The Brick - Terrible Horrible Awful

If you can avoid this store, please do at all costs. We went in the second week of November to purchase a couch and chair. We had been having a lot of trouble finding a couch I found comfortable. Luckily (or so we thought) that day we found a couch there that I really liked. We also found a chair that we really liked, with customizable options. So we made our purchase, and were told that the couch would arrive on November 15th (the following week), and the chair, being custom made, would arrive much later, on December 18th. We were okay with this. However, November 15th rolled around, and we didn't receive a call saying our couch was in. The next day we called to ask if it was there for pick up, we were told that our salesman had screwed up and accidentally put both pieces of furniture into the computer to arrive for December 18th. We told them that was unacceptable, and to fix it. We were told they would call us back the next day. We didn't receive a call the next day, and called them a half our before closing time, when we were told that the customer service worker had fixed it in the computer and it would arrive November 29th. Fine, we could deal with that. However, today (November 29th) we still didn't receive a call saying the couch was in, so we called after work around 5:30 and were told that it was still slated, in the computer, to arrive December 18th. We were extremely unhappy and were told that the customer service worker would figure out what was going on and call us back. Again, a half hour before close, we had to call them back as we were not phoned as promised. We were told that they don't know where our couch is, and that there are five in Winnipeg, purchased after we purchased ours, but were on hold for other customers so there was no way we could have one of those. We were told that our couch, although showing as in stock online, was still being BUILT and that there is no way we will receive it before December 18th. We were offered nothing but a refund, which we would have gladly taken had it not been so difficult to find a couch that I found comfortable. Extremely unhappy, poor customer service, and it seems that since they are commission-based, all that matters is the sale. We will follow through with this order, but never again will we step foot in this store.

Offender: The Brick
Country: USA   State: All USA

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