sears home repair service
Washer Leaking and has black streaks on clothes - LG Front Load Washe

DO NOT WASTE your money buying anything from Sears - or buying their bogus home repair service. It is a joke. When you have an issue they try and explain to you over the phone why it is not something they will come out for - they basically tell you its your problem and you need to know what to do to make it right. I have contacted them 2 times. First time was last summer and they did send some one out to see why my clothes had black streaks all over them. They guy basically said " well these washers are no good. You will probably have to buy a new washer" I have an LG front loader - which costs over $1000.00 new and you are telling me its crap? Anyway long story short - this company told Sears that they replaced a seal on my washer! I got nowhere with Sears - no one returned my calls so I contacted the shaddy company they sent out to do the repair- I spoke with the owner and told him - his guy was there about 3 minutes - told me to buy a new washer and said he can't do anything. Never heard from anyone again.

Today I called because my washer is leaking from underneath - the area where the front face is screwed into the entire bulk of the washer. I told the guy from Sears where it was leaking and he kept insisting that it was from the drain the front of the washer at the bottom left corner. I told him it is not leaking there - I told him I have gotten a flashlight and seen where it is leaking. He then said well its probably leaking in the back of the washer - I told him if it was leaking from the back it would be WET and it is NOT. He basically was trying to tell me where the washer was leaking and he has not even seen it. There home repair service is a SCAM - they take your money and then try and tell you your problem is not something they come out for. I will find every complaint forum on the internet and tell my story - I will NEVER PURCHASE anything from Sears again. I will never step foot in that store unless its in the appliance center to warn customers about their crappy customer service when there is a problem. Sears is bad news. My suggestion to anyone thinking of purchasing from Sears - DO YOUR HOMEWORK read reviews ad talk to previous customers BEWARE

Offender: sears home repair service
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