ABC Warehouse
Warranty issues

I bought a dishwasher at ABC Warehouse at 28th St Grand Rapids MI.A Frigidaire dishwasher with a extended warranty.
Let me start by saying stay AWAY from that store.
the 1st month that purchased the dishwasher it was leaking, the repair man that they use through BIGALOW had seen a crack in the whole frame. This should have alerted me that something major was going on. The repair man came out and replaced the whole shell.
The second time he came out for the leak he said "oh its the way you are stacking the dishes" so nothing done. The thrid time he comes out ( the same excessive obese guy from Bigalow) said , oh the hinges are bent so either you are loading the tray to heavy or a child might have stood on it. Well its just me and my husband so there is not a lot to load and no small children in this house hold that could stand or sit on it....and I sure did not sit on it.
The fat guy calls back to let me know that the brackets are not in the warranty so we have to first pay $160 for brackets then he will come and repair the rubbers (probably only $5.00). So ABC Warehouse calls and asks me if I want to purchase another year warranty, well I told her the story and she says well call the supervisor and the warranty service and ask her to send out another technician.
So I called 18007223333and a Michele answered , and I told her the story and she says the brackets are not covered in the warranty you need to pay them your self and only then we we sent out the technician to repair the rubbers.
Michele was very rude almost yelling when I asked her to send another technician for a second opinion she said they will not do that , because our technician is our eyes and if he said the brackets are bent then they are bent.
So I tell her I would like to speak to her supervisor she said I could not because they are in a meeting.

They really think Im stupid and s of today no supervisor has called me and the dishwasher still leak.
So if you guys are thinking of buying your products there be ware the reason why your getting the products cheaper is according to my opinion......there is something wrong with it .

Offender: ABC Warehouse
Country: USA   State: All USA

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