Don't waste your time or money

This is ABSOLUTELY the LAST time Firestone touches one of our cars. Some history: 3 years ago my car wouldn't start and it was towed to our neighborhood Firestone 1st thing on a Monday morning. By mid-day no call from them. Husband calls later in day and they say I had driven with no oil and now need a new engine. Had driven the car all day the day before with no problems, no check service lights, oil pressure lights/gauges ok, no over heating....
Husband tells them to tow car back to our home and we will decide. They bring back NEXT DAY and all the parts were THROWN on the floor of the front passenger side. All oil is out blah,blah.

I look on driveway - no puddles from previous days prior to towing. Engine would have cost more than car value even with only 65K on a 10 year car.
So donated car for taxes and said amen to Firestone.You will never convince me that there was no oil - I watch those things like a hawk.

Last week [9/19/13] our adult son who lives with us while going to college had brakes going out. The Nissan Dealer had told him to have repaired and quoted him $1200. Since he is a student and we have limited household income right now I "bit the bullet" and told him to go to Firestone - different location. Got there at about 1:30 PM on a Thursday. Still hadn't even looked at it by 3:30. He lost 2 hours of work and homework time. Said they MIGHT have time before they close; gave him a rental car that only HE could drive [we need to share the Nissan due to my physical limitations with our other car]. He calls later and they tell him they need to order parts from a place that is closed for the day. But will be done by Friday at 3:30.

Friday he waits all day then goes to the store to get his car. NOT DONE!! Tell him short on staff and MAYBE be done later. Husband arrives and tells them "don't bother!" we'll get it on Saturday since we had plans for Friday nite and too hard to get back before closing now.

Saturday I get up and wait for them to call. By 9:00 AM still no call; so I call. By now I am so angry I could spit. I talk to Service Manager Eric and he tells me on rack. I give him a polite piece of my mind covering customer service and poor organization and tell him I will be there in 1/2 hour to pick up the car.

We go to store and still on the rack. We wait another 1/2 hour. When car finally down I talk to Eric and pay the 1200 bill. I expressed my disappointment and he wanted to pursue my reasons. I had not wanted to have this conversation with other customers listening, but he "opened the door and I went in" with as much control as I could muster under the circumstances.

To "help resolve our problem and keep us coming back" he gave me a discount of $75 [whoo-hoo] and the manager gave us 2 free oil changes. That we will NOT be using.

EVERY time we have used Firestone they have ripped us off, found something expensive requiring immediate attention or a plethora of other issues.

We will use an independant mechanic that we trust and has repaired things for us a lot cheaper and quicker.

So long Firestone!!! I hope you don't get sued for negligence or unethical practices.

Offender: Firestone
Country: USA   State: All USA

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