Gary Melchiorre
Gary Melchiorre Contractor

Beware of Con Man Gary Melchiorre. He rips off home owners in Texas by different company names by operating contractor construction work. His slick smooth talk and sense of care and concern are a smoke screen to Con YOU out of money and make a mess of your home. Please feel free to contact me. He is a profitable CON MAN!!!!

See his Felony mug shot at:

Do yourself a favor and check his name and company name (s) as well as INTERESTING LINKS ASSOCIATED WITH HIM:


Currently he is working under Gem Star Construction Services. Be sure to notice how the name is spelled and listed. Do not confuse it with a VERY similar professional business. Remember he is a con and knows trickery VERY WELL!

His Previous Company name was Star Brand Construction Services. The website is no longer valid.
Star Brand Construction Services

Professional con man Gary Ernest Melchiorre of Star Brand Construction talked a charming line and story as he discussed how he could help me and my family with remodeling and improving our home after being hit by a fire. Unfortunately I fell for his slick talk as he conned me out of over $51,000 and walked off the job without completing the job and correcting the errors he and his crew made.

I have a handicapped brother with special needs and Star Brand Construction Gary Melchiorre left my home torn apart and my brother without a restroom to meet his needs. Melchiorre would never put anything in writing. I requested him to place something in writing and he never has. His greed to get more and more insurance money became very apparent. Star Brand Construction installed a shower that does not drain properly and the grout and tile are uneven and messy. The poor quality work is now costing me to have it redone. Gary Melchiorre was well aware of this and other work that he and his crew performed that was unacceptable.

The drywall texture that Star Brand construction placed on my walls and ceilings is unacceptable and I now have to pay for the job to be done correctly. The tile flooring did not have adequate thin-set and is uneven. The painting has streaks and runs. They moved items in my house and broke many things. Star Brand Construction caused more problems than I can begin to mention.

Gary Melchiorre had high turn over with his employees and arguments in front of me. Gary even tried to get me to pay him in cash. He does not like to have a paper trail or put his empty promises in writing. He initially came off as a caring and concerned person. Unfortunately I learned that he is a true con man. I would not trust Star Brand Construction, Gary Melchiorre, or anyone associated with this company. Gary Melchiorre has felony charges from October 2011 in Florida for his so called construction business and business practices.

Do yourself a favor and find a reputable company to work with. Gary Ernest Melchiorre has set up a track record as a ripoff con man.

Offender: Gary Melchiorre
Country: USA   State: All USA   County: HARRIS   City: HOUSTON
Phone: 281-770-1111

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