J.L.M. Construction & Cleaning
Ken McCormick (Joe) Burned by this man for several thousand dollars and left in a hole.

I advise to the public to stay as far away from this company and the men who own it - regardless if you are asked to sub-contract, employed by, or hire this company - I worked for this company during the summer of 2012 - from the very beginning the owner (or who I thought was the owner) told me that he was looking for someone to take over his business - with that being said I was offered a certain percentage of sales and percentage of the work being done - over the course of several weeks and after my work title changed about four times, I finally realized that this company, or should I say the man who owns it was a crook - I was told one week to do this type of work and then the next week I was told to supervise and to write up bids - the week after i might be told to just do sales and bids - the job changed every week and if I didn't do something the way Mr. McCormick wanted (such as when he wanted me come out for a meeting - at the last minute - on a certain holiday and when I couldn't make it he didn't call me for days) - I thought to myself how childish - the funny thing was that I never really saw all the bids, so I really never knew exactly how much money he was making or what my percentage was - the man who said he owned the company had the business in another man's name (hence the Joe Mormino or little joe as we called him) - the actual owner Ken McCormick lived in the marina on a small houseboat - there were so many different issues with this situation that I finally just had to tell him I wasn't coming back to work until he showed me the bids and paid me what he owed me - another situation that happened which may be the reason why he had the business in someone elses name was due to the fact that while Mr. McCormick owned another similar business along with a man by the name of Dave ? they had been sued by a customer for some terrible house repairs - so instead of taking care of the problem he then turned around and put the business in another person's name - if only I had known this from the very beginning I would have never started working for J.L.M. and our family would have been saved a lot of turmoil and stress - because of the fact in the way he treated me - leaving me in financial turmoil, we almost lost everything - so, please be award of this company when you look through a company called Service Magic Pros - stay away from this man and the company - both if you're looking for a job and/or house repairs - he is a crook from the word go -I'll leave you with the words my wife told me and how they rang so true - A double minded man is unstable in all his ways!

Offender: J.L.M. Construction & Cleaning
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Jacksonville
Address: 3021 Calder Drive, Ste 366
Phone: 9046298847

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