Baker's ChemDry
Carpet Cleaning was carpet destruction

I had carpet cleaned approximately one year previous by this company. (Nov. 2010) and was satisfied with the work. Therefore, I trusted and expected the same level of profressionalism.

In August of 2011, I again scheduled the carpets to be cleaned by Baker's ChemDry. The carpet Technician, not the same as last time, insisted that I purchase a chemical they recommend for urine stains. I agreed to a one gallon purchase. He insisted that was insufficient for the area being treated. I ended up authorizing four gallons only to find out later that he was not diluting properly but rather only using 1/2; gallon of water thereby creating the opportunity to selll more chemicals. Also, I believe it is why at the end of the carpet cleaning the carpet areas where the chemical was applied appeared "burned" disintegrating the carpet texture and pile-even on carpets that had no stains but the chemical had been dripped on.

The technician applied the chemical liberayh and even spilled it in areas that had no spots and were in good condition. so much product was used that some of the existing spots went from 10 inches in width to 30 inches in width.

As the technician left, I was told to "not walk on the carpet until it dried, (about 6-8 hrs.) and not with bare feet." I walked on it with socks after it had dried for 8 hours and the bottoms of my feet were buring for the next 24 hours.

After the cleaning and making contact with the owner, Bob Baker, regarding the enlarged spots, new spots and burning of good areas and the excessive use of the chemicals, he disclosed to me that the technician made a commission on the sale of the chemicals thereby creating an incentive for the technician to sell more, even needlessly.

Bob made an attempt 3 times to try other chenicals/products to recifiy the enlarged spots damage to no avail. Also trying to fix the new damage. He agreed that there was damageand nothing else could be done to fix. He said he would see how he could work it out financially with me but currenlty there were some business cashflow issues he had t otake care of first. He said he wanted to set up a payment plan with me once we set up a dollar amount.

I have continued to call and leave messages but no return call, no return emails. Also, important, I posted on only to never see my honest comment published. Rumor has it they have a full time employee posting fake 4 and 5 star comments to cover up anything they don't want to see.

Offender: Baker's ChemDry
Country: USA   State: California   City: Burlingame
Address: 18 Adrian Court
Phone: 6503471323

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