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PCHS Consumers Beware!!! Home Improvement Sharks. Warn your friends and family , San Leandro, Palm Springs, San Diego

Pacific Coast Home Solutions based in Anaheim California is every homeowners nightmare! These people give a new meaning to the term rip off artists and con men. I recently agreed to a "free estimate" for windows for my home and what transpired was unreal. I feel a sense of obligation and moral duty to warn all homeowners about this sham of a company.

After getting calls over the course of a year I finally agreed to an appointment as my wife and I wanted to know what replacement windows would cost for our home. Even though I'm on the Do Not Call List they still somehow got my number and pestered me for months to accept their so called free estimate. Once I agreed to the appointment the lies and deceptive tactics started.

First of all they said that both my wife and I had to be there for the estimate. When I asked why they said that the utility company requires all homeowners to be present. I called Edison and they said they had no idae who Pacific Coast Home Solutions was and that they never get involved in home improvement jobs. They also said that they were looking for a model home in my neighborhood and that they would be paying for the majority of the job out of their so called advertising budget. Such BS!

The sales rep showed up 40 minutes late which irritated me since I left work early to be there on time. The sales person reeked like cigarette smoke and looked stoned to boot. When he entered my house he immediaetly asked to sit in the dining room which at the time had holiday decorations on it. He started to move my wife's decorations and scratched our table. This guy was so pushy it was ridiculous.

The powerpoint presentation he showed us was filled with scare tactic videos and bogus information all designed to force us into making a decision that day. Like most smart consumers we wanted to get a few estimates yet he told us that the price he was giving us was only good while he was there. Really!

The presentation which was supposed to last 45 minutes lasted 2 hours and I still haden't gotten a price. I finally told him that he had 15 minutes to measure and get me my estimate of he was done. He measured the house and plugged some numbers into his computer and gave me a price of $24,000 for 12 windows and a sliding glass door. When I gasped and said that you're kidding right he then proceded to make a call to his "manager" and did some BS role play begging him to invest money in my house to be their showcase home.

Of course the manager approved it and my price went down to $17,500 but I had to decide at that moment. When I told him that he was our first estimate and that we wanted to get 2 more he started trying to negotiate the price with used car tactics like "if I could would you" and told me that if we would do the deal today he'd call the owner and see if he would make a special arrangement since he liked our house so much. I told him that even if the windows were free I wouldn't make a decision today. This is when it got really sleazy.

He started being rude and said that we were lokkie loos and that we wasted his time and gas money. I said that his company insisted that the estimate was free and that we had no obligation to buy. He insulted us and I asked him to leave. The experience was horrible and this company's tactics are dispicable. My wife and I did get 2 more estimates and both of those companies acted with class and professionalism. Incidentally their private label Avalon window is made by Anlin Industries in Clovis California and is the exact same window the other two companies sell. We eventually bought the Anlin windows and the final price out the door was $11,200.00 including tax.

Please take my advice and if you get a call from Pacific Coast Home Solutions run for the hills unless you want to get fleeced and insulted.

Offender: Pacific Coast Home Solutions
Country: USA   State: California   City: Anaheim
Address: 4155 East La Palma Ave. Suite 500
Phone: 8883477247

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