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Power Windows and Siding Failure to Provide Service, Sales Rep. False Representation

This is my complaint information for the company Power windows and siding/Power home remodeling group.It all started when a sales person named Travis from the above mentioned company came to our house. The rep came into our house and began a long drawn out lecture and sales pitch for the product and the company.

I had a roof leak that I needed to have looked at and repaired. The rep looked at the roof condition from the exterior and then we both climbed into the attic. The sales rep then started telling me that my roof was not safe and the upper attic and roof supports were bad. He also stated that there was white mold from moisture and it was dangerous to have in the
house. Then he pointed out the roof itself was rotting away and the boards would need to be replaced. I was blown away by everything he stated was wrong with the roof. However the rep was the professional and knew more than me when it
came to roofing. I was blown away even more by the quote that was put in front of me. For everything they wanted almost 24,000, which included the main living area, garage and addition. There was no way I could afford that and spent the
next hour trying to get something reasonable. I had to ask him to only do the main house. This dropped the price down to 13,400. Still extremely high but the wood decking (about 10 pieces according to Travis) would need to be replaced.

My wife and I picked out a dark shingle color and signed the papers. Travis made a point to say that the work needed to be done ASAP and that he would get the workers out within the next two weeks. Several Weeks later I received a call from power home remodeling group and was asked to change the shingle color. They did not wish to use a different color then the other part of the house. They said it would not look good or professional. I agreed and changed the color to a light grey so it
would match the color of the existing house that was not being done. This now set the project back another few weeks.This time frame just continued to get pushed back until the date (insert date).When the date did arrive my wife and I woke up to people setting ladders up on our house and climbing up on the roof. No phone call or any notice. The only time we even talked to anyone was when a worker came to our door, knocked and asked if he could use OUR power supply for HIS power tools. We were like Really?? You guys use power tools all the time and you dont come prepared with your own power supply?? The guy said Yea, we just usually use the outside power source at the home we are working on. We couldnt believe they had the nerve to even ask! So as the job went on, debris from the roof was falling all over the yard. They told us they had a guy running around picking up everything. We also noticed that they didnt have all the material they
supposedly needed for our entire living area roof. As they finished, both my wife and I were completely unsatisfied. The shingles look liked they already started buckling. There was debris all over our yard still. It just was not a professional looking job especially for 13,400 and it definitely didnt look like it was all the work that needed to be done per Travis. So after the workers all left, we had to sign on to a website to activate the warranty. There was a survey, my wife filled it out and wrote a
review. Within three hours of the review being sent, she received a phone call from the vice president of the company and explained everything. She told him how things didnt look professional, how the workers just climbed on the roof
without any notice and so on. He basically said Well thats why you get the warranty, if something isnt right, we come out to fix it. We are all human.

Also when my wife told him everything that was supposed to be done according to Travis, the vice president said Travis had no right to tell you what needed to be done, it is not his call. We both were shocked. He then said he was going to send another guy out to check out everything. So this guy came out, went up into the attic, checked everything, then went outside and picked up more nails/debris. My wife asked him to please make sure there were no nails and trash in the pool. He said he
went in there with a magnet and everything should be ok. Well that was far from the truth. When summer came, we cleaned out the pool, found nails and trash in there, also there were two nails embedded into the lining of the pool. He also
said the decking looked fine and there is no mold, like Travis initially stated. So they only changed out two boards not ten like it was originally supposed to be.What we dont understand is, Travis came out and told us a ton of stuff was wrong and gave us the 13,400 price. But when the job was done not all that material was used and we still had to pay 13,400! The decking still looks horrible and it looks like it does have mold. We wouldnt have had a problem with the price if everything was done that was supposed to be according to Travis.

Our roof STILL leaks. We dont want to have to keep calling them back out here. Yes we do have warranty but things should have been done right the first time!In no time at all my wife and I received the bill. It was not adjusted it was still the full amount. I complained several times to the company and then also contacted Wells Fargo and told them about the
problem. They suggested that I contest the bill until the job was done right.

In a week or so I received a new bill stating that I had a zero balance on my Wells Fargo home improvement account. I thought the issue was solved at that point and they just gave up the fight. Several months later my wife received a new bill stating we owed the entire amount again. No adjustments but the whole amount. She contacted me and I contacted Wells Fargo. They stated that they did not understand how the company could recharge me without my knowledge or signature, as the amount was fully credited back to the account and a zero balance was shown. I then gave up trying to deal with Power Home Remodeling Group and decided to contact the BBB to see if this can be resolved.Im asking for a fair price based on the work done. I have had other contractors come out and quote half of PHRGs price using the same GAF material. PHRG used its sales person to draw my wife and I into a scam. The work that was done was not finished correctly on two separate occasions. When a PHRG rep. came out he found things that were wrong that I would have never seen until it failed and started leaking. It should be noted also that had PHRG stated up front that all they would be doing was removing the old
shingles and placing a deck guard down and cut in a ridge vent for the price stated above they would NEVER have gotten the job. The only reason we chose them to do the work was because the urgency expressed by Travis and his false claims. The final problem is the leak. A so called brand new roof and during the heavy rains of the storm our roof started leaking above the dining room again and around the chimney. Both these areas were redone by PHRG. My wife has tried to contact them but cannot get an answer.

I am on active duty orders and no longer can take time to deal with all these issues. I have since talked to other people and found the PHRG has a reputation for sales reps. lying and being high pressure to get quick decisions then when the work is done it is nothing like stated by the sales rep. I want to know that something is being done to protect others and show this company that not everyone will put up with lies and poor workmanship.Update as of 1/2013After filing a second dispute with Wells Fargo I recieved another call. I told them once again that the roof was still leaking and they sent another expert out that found a few more things that were not done correctly. This included a medium size gap in the flashing around the chimney. They also stated that the chimney was bad and needed mucked. This was not something that they would normally fix but would just for us. This is the first time that PHRG went above and beyond to correct the problem. I was pleasently surprised with the guesture and thanked the tech for all they did. Signed the form for the work that was completed and thought all the troubles were over. There was still no talk about the work that I was promised Vs the work I was charged for though.Prior to my deployment date, I had been working on the bathroom and I finally patched up the wet damaged drywall and began finishing the ceiling. Several days after the repair listed above our area got hit with a hard wind driven rain that at times was coming down sideways. My wife noticed that my new drywall once again was wet and stained. I climbed up into the attic with a high powered light and climbed over to where it was wet and found water dripping down a galvenized vent pipe for the plumbing. I took several photos with my phone of the water damage and the wet pipe. Contacted PHRG again and sent the photos via email. They argued with me and told me that it was all from the brick chimney even with the photos showing it coming directly down the vent pipe. I finally got someone to come out and they sealed up all around the vent pipes. They then told me that my entire chimney needed to be repointed. That was where all the water was coming from, not anything they had done wrong. So now I will repoint my chimney and hope that it is my final call to PHRG. This service call was closed as well.To this date though nothing has been done for all the trouble, and nothing has been done to adjust or deal with the false representation of the sales rep. Honestly I just wait for the next big wind driven rain storm to see what will leak next. One final note on this whole ordeal is that the warranty as explained by Travis should have covered the damage to the property for all the leaks. Instead I am stuck doing all the drywall repairs to my house. This company needs to stand behind the customer.


Update as of 17 Jan 2013

After some more heavy rain I have once again confirmed my fears. The dark spot on my new drywall is back and growing. I climbed into the attic and can once again clearly see the dark spot and wet insulation around the vent pipe. I have yet to contact PHRG because they will certainly fight with me and tell me its the chimney instead of owning up to their mistake. So I will have to wait till it warms up and repoint the chimney to shut them up and prove it all their problem. I also plan on going up on the roof and conducting my own water test with a garden hose. My ceiling is already damaged so what can it hurt. I have to prove that this is not my problem but a failure once again for PHRG to do a professional and complete job.

(Please note that the exact dates and the amounts listed in this long complaint are all approximates and not actual figures, I do not have th documentation directly infront of me so I'm going off of memory)

Offender: Power Home Remodeling Group
Country: USA   State: Pennsylvania   City: Chester
Address: 2501 Seaport Drive
Phone: 6108745000
Site: www.powerhrg.com

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