Swain Development Inc.
Hired to cover my Shed with vinyl siding & Cover all Trim. Wrap all wood w/white Alumium.

Calvestger SwainII (dba) Swain Development, Inc. Intered a contract with me to do the following job.

1. Install Trim on rear & frt. windows of the shed.

2. Close off area under shed as requiresd to secure.

3. Install white vinyl soffit and accessories as required around entire shed.

4. Install vinye siding on entire shed matching residence color.

5. Wrap all woodwork with white alumium as required (Facial board,window trim,and any other as required)

cntract was signed by both parties and I paid him over 1/2 of the total price ($1322.20)for thedown payment.This contract was signed on Nov.4.2011. Material was ordered on Nov.4,2011 and installed upon arrival 10 to 14 days.

Had not heard from him for three weeks.Left a message on his phone to get back to me. He never returned my call.Cal dropped off the material on Nov.26. but no work was started on this day.

Called him twice on Dec.03,called him on Dec.04.Job was finally started on Dec.11.He hired (2) helpers to help him with this job. This was not part of the agreemen. I hired him, based on the work he had done next door, not someone else.

Dec.12. The twom workers came out and worked from 10:00 AM to 5:30PM. They said that they ran out of siding. Cal came out at the end of the day (6:30PM) and looked at the job and said he would have to order more material. The work that was done at this point was poor.

One of the workers came out on dec.17 and worked on trim for 4 hours.Cal came out on Dec.21 to discuss my concerns with the poor work manship. Text Cal on Jan.07,09. On Jan. 12 I left him a message to call me and let me know when he was going to finish the job. On Jan.13 he called me to let me know that the material was still not in.

He finally finished the job on Jan.30,2012. It was after three other people, who do siding, pointed out the poor workmanship, that attemped to get hold of Cal. After several call to him, he finally sent me a text o Mar.27, stating that he had been on vacation and he would get hold of me sometime between Apr.02-06.

As of this date (April29,2012) he has not gotten back with me, inspite of my promise to turn this over to the BBB and to file charges with the Sec. of state License Board.

Offender: Swain Development Inc.
Country: USA   State: Kentucky   City: Taylorville
Address: 750 Cresent Ridge Dr.
Phone: 5022243401

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