Dr power equipment
Dr power self propelling trimmer will trim 20 sq ft before propelling feature dies

I purchased a 8.75 Pro-XL, Self-Propelled dr power equipment trimmer / mower in August 2010.
I took it to my farm and used it for half an hour and the self propelling drive train quit. I took it to be repaired and took it back out to the farm. I tested it, and never got to use it that season.
I took it out of the shed in the spring of 2011 to use. It worked for half an hour before the drive slipped again. It is back at the shop. After the conversations with dr and myself it was summer before it came back to me.
I used it again in August. One half hour of use and the self propelling broke, AGAIN. Back to the shop for repair. I get it back after the season and into the shed it goes again for the winter.
It is now spring, 2011. I take it back out. Half hour of use and the self propelling again quits. It is now back to the repair shop and I'll be spending $160 to get it out of hock.
I spent over a thousand dollars on this machine and it has been a major failure. dr refuses to stand behind its product. I have had to fight and argue every time it went back into the shop with dr. They have not done anything to resolve this issue. If it's bad engineering and the self propelling will never work then give me my money back.

Offender: Dr power equipment
Country: USA   State: Vermont   City: Vergennes
Address: 75 Meigs Road
Site: www.drpower.com

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