Contract Builders
Has Not Paid for Work Completed

Sub Contractors Beware! This General Contractor knows every trick in the book to get out of paying you for work you have provided. Even if your work has passed inspection by local officials this GC will find a way not to pay you!

First thing read your contract and cross out anything that has to do with paying all legal fees associated with you filing a claim (lien) for your money. It is not only illegal to put this in a contract but if you sign your contract without modifying this part you will have a time trying to collect your money if you file a claim.

Second, put your full scope of work with any exclusions in the contract if you don't he will make up work you never would have seen coming.

Third cross out anything in your contract that referrers to typical practice of your trade he will not only use it against you but he will make up work call it typical practice of your trade and threaten you to do it at no extra charge.

My advice is don't even get close to this GC unless you want to work for free.

Offender: Contract Builders
Country: USA   State: Georgia   City: Alparetta
Address: 1360 Union Hill Rd Suite 4E
Phone: 7707400055

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